ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus - Any Thoughts?

(Bradley Toy) #1

ManageEngine has a product called ADSelfService Plus that allows users to unlock and reset their passwords themselves. Of course there are methods that are used to verify the user, and reports available.

Does anyone use this product or can anyone provide some things we should look at when evaluating it? Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions are welcomed.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #2

No experience with it

(Matt Shannahan) #3

I deal with AD lockouts in our company constantly, I’d love input on this as well. Using in-house AD via Win SBS 2011.

(Daniel Beato) #4

I usually use ManageEngine with Spiceworks Inventory and it works well. It notifies the Admin and allows the user to reset the account with set of questions and verification system. If you have a large enterprise or company it would work well for you.


We use ManageEngine products extensively and are very satisfied with them. However we have not implemented the ADSelfService one.

(Pat Lamb) #6

We’ve been using ADSelfService for a little more than a year. It works well. It’s free for up to 50 registered users. We’re using it for password resets for full-time external staff. Before implementing it I’d receive panicked phone calls from developers trying to commit code that couldn’t because their password had expired. You don’t need to run it on a server OS, we use Windows 7 for the host.