Mr. Robot Episode 3 403 Forbidden: Spoiler Alert

“Forbidden” is the theme woven into this episode. WhiteRose’s early romantic relationships are explored which give us some insight into the person behind the Whiterose character and the forbidden nature of her prior forbidden romantic relationship living under the Chinese regime.

The hacks:

Elliot needs to get into ECorps Cyprus bank records. To do that he needs the laptop and the RSA keyfob belonging to Olivia Cortez the US account manager who is the only person left with access to account now that we know Susan Jacobs is dead (killed by Darlene). Elliot breaks into her apartment. He knows she’s had a divorce proceeding and her custody decision refers to her use of Oxy. Elliot social engineers his way into a relationship with Olivia. He happens to be at the bar where she is stood up by a date. Rather than trying to snatch the keyfob off her purse he pursues a romantic strategy and ends up at her apartment spending the night and eventually stealing the FOB and texting Darlene the 2FA. Read the full recap here:

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