Mr. Robot - Season 3. Episode 8 Recap


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Spoiler Alert! Season 3 Episode 8 Eps3.7dont-delete-me.ko
Did you watch this episode? What do you think? A pleaser? Not enough cyber suspense for you? They didn’t get this far by giving up on hacks. Trenton’s email seems like a tip off the undo hacks will return next episode.

Perhaps this episode should have been called -
This episode brings a lot of pop and cultural symbolism along with embedded political overtones and a few hacks.
Opening scene
Elliot and his father standing face to face in a movie theatre trying to decide on a movie to see. Mr. Alderson dumps M&Ms into a large bucket of popcorn and asks Elliot to mix their favorite treat. He declines and says he never wanted to come. Mr. Alderson coughing heavily (dying from cancer he got as a result of working for ECorp) admits to Elliot he was a bad dad. Suddenly, he drops to the floor. Someone yells call 911. Elliot turns, a black sling on his arm which is an obvious prompt to the time his dad pushed him out a window disclosed in (S3 Episode 2). Elliot pulls off the Mr. Robot jacket from his unconscious dad and walks unconcerned into the theater to watch a movie. Flash forward. Elliot drops off a load of trash including the Mr. Robot jacket in a dumpster.

The Setup and Clean Up
Elliot goes to the scene of the Dark Army’s staged suicide. Mobley and Trenton were shot by the Dark Army and the place was staged to look like an Iranian Terrorist operation. Elliot cooks the motherboard and firmware chips on their computer in the microwave. He then drills the hard drive and dumps the mess in a trash bag. But before doing so he transfers information from Mobley and Trenton and writes it to one of his collection of CDs as is his practice. It’s been suggested by a Motherboard recap that Elliot been using “ DeepSound a Steganography tool used to encode and decode data in audio.Note: Steganography can also embed and hide data in graphics.

Is Elliot’s Self Deletion The Only Way Out?
Elliot decides the only way to delete Mr. Robot is to delete himself. If you’ve been following the show [Elliot tried Zoloft prescribed by his “shrink” in prior season but his pain and sadness he thinks are only blunted by morphine. He tried to control it but soon he was addicted]. He makes contact with “Hard Andy” a drug dealer and after trying a little social engineering, and finally a pat-down strip-down by the dealer. He passes when the dealer agrees he’s probably just going to kill himself and departs with a huge bag of morphine pills. He thinks out loud “I liked following the rules. When you make that decision yes it means riding myself of Mr.Robot forever. Should have done it a long time ago.”

Elliot visits Mobley’s and Trenton’s Family
Mobley’s brother doesn’t want to hold a funeral for his “terrorist brother” and tells Elliot to get lost. Elliot leaves and visits Trenton’s home. Trenton’s father is packing up their belongings as his son and wife watch. They feel they need to go to Connecticut for a while until things cool off for Muslims. They are told to go inside. Elliot tells him he knew his daughter from high school and she’s innocent. Father keeps packing but tells Elliot thanks for saying nice things but everything these days are blamed on Muslims. It’s time to leave.

Elliot Ready to Deep Six On the Beach.
Elliot getting ready to consume the entire bag of drugs and finish the plan to delete himself and by extension Mr. Robot. Trenton’s little brother Mohammed follows him all the way to Coney Island Beach and sits next to him spoiling his opportunity to deep six himself. He isn’t going away. Elliot decides to take him to a movie to see either “Back to the Future” or as Mohammed suggests “The Martian. Back to the Future wins. Mohammed slips out during the movie and Elliot tracks him down to a local Mosque with some help sleuthing from an Orthodox Jewish Ice Cream truck driver Elliot knows previously.
Elliot asks the driver to take care of his dog for a while and the jovial driver imparts some parting knowledge Things get a little fakakta for a while,” the treats truck man noted. “But at the end, humans actually persevere."

Mohammed, tells Elliot to remove his shoes. Elliot complies and he sits down next to Mohammed
Elliot’s encounter with Mohammed creates an epiphany. He finally realizes he can stop blaming his father for things that were beyond his control seeing himself through his new little buddy who Sam Esmail imparts with lots of wisdom.

Elliot returns to Mobley’s brother place and tells him he’s got the goods on him after cracking his corporate email password (his home address) if he doesn’t give Mobley a proper funeral he’s going to tip off the authorities about his shady activities at his law firm. He tosses him the bag of drugs to him and tells him to try selling this back to Andy to pay for the funeral.

Meanwhile, Angela is still in denial over her role and suffering from cognitive dissonance. She had been playing video of the imploding building in the terror attack in reverse. That made everyone ok. . Elliot tries to snap her out of it by telling her about the wishing game they played as kids. The act of closing your eyes and wishing even if you didn’t get your wish was still the best part of – life.

Playing in the Background Mr. Robot 3x08 Soundtrack “In time- Robbie Robb”

The Awakening
Elliot’s trash is returned including his dad’s Mr. Robot jacket he threw away at the show beginning. Elliot: “That’s’ the thing about deletion. It’s not always permanent. There are many reasons why you may want to recover a file you just deleted when you have that moment of panic where it hits u that thing you thought had no value suddenly becomes important when you suddenly find your purpose for it. “

Elliot decrypts Trenton’s email message “Don’t’ Delete Me that was supposed to go out automatically on her death. “I may have found a way to undo the hack…. Maybe there still are things left for me to do.”

The crew at MotherBoard had some interesting insights into this scene.
“Yael: Okay, so should we segue to the final email? Was this the killswitch email from Trenton? What is happening? And how come Elliot doesn’t check his email? Is it because he has a bunch of email addresses and nobody uses ProtonMail?
Harlo: lol I barely check my ProtonMail account, either.
Yael: I got one when I was researching them for an article, but I don’t use it. And lately, people have been sending me “encrypted” emails to my regular email using Protonmail with hints for passwords that I’m supposed to guess, which is the most annoying thing ever.
Harlo: I have huge problems with this. That type of workflow is just training people to get phished.
Micah: The Oct 31, 2015 version of ProtonMail still had a separate decryption passphrase.
Yael: I think the email said that Romero installed some kind of program that might have saved a backup of all the data the hack wiped out, which…would be helpful maybe but wouldn’t hit the rewind button, Angela style.”

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DId anyone catch this episode?