Mr. Robot Season 4 episode 1 401 Unauthorized

Any one watch Episode 1?

As funny as it sounds, I watched the first couple of episodes of Season 1 on Amazon Prime when it came out and have never watched anything since, I think it is the fact it was a little more dark in tone and that on top of the cyber thing it included a drug use thing too and so have never watched it since, I must try as many people comment how reasonably realistic it is whereas I am more likely to catch CSI Cyber which is not realistic, however this is only because my mother-in-law loves all things CSI and she watches a tonne of US Crime drama while I am visiting.

The entire series was very realistic in detailing the hacks. Season 2 went a little too far in blurring reality vs. Elliot’s mental problems and viewers pushed back. Seasons 3 came roaring back to reality and the episodes more easily followed with some gripping TV and terrific performances by the cast and great writing by Sam Esmail.The first episode of Season 4 starts with a bang (literally) one of the main characters gets executed at the start of Episode 1. Once you get further into Series 1 you’ll be hooked. I’m writing a summary of Season 4 Episode 1 to post soon using our spoiler tag. That let’s our users unmask the text by clicking on it.

Hopefully I may get round to it but to be honest I don’t get chance to watch that much TV, the wife’s the boss in that department and I won’t tell you what she watches. Maybe over Christmas. What I do listen to is a podcast by Jack Rhysider called Darknet Diaries, this is a brilliant listen and I highly recommend it.

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I’m still getting up to speed on NCIS here:) Although I make an effort to watch Mr. Robot and of course I was glued to the screens for Game of Thrones.

I have seasons 1 - 11 box set but haven’t followed it closely since Ziva left. I don’t mind Los Angeles but only watch it here and there and wanted to get into New Orleans because I love Scott Bakula but again have only seen one or two. Weirdly I am a bit of a Transformers fan and have seen several episodes of the latest animated series from Hasbro Studios called Transformers Cyberverse, however it really is aimed at 5-8 year olds and not middle aged men but for nostalgia purposes. Crazily enough the voice actor Peter Cullen who voices Optimus Prime in the 80’s cartoon still voices him to this day and i believe is over 70 years old now.

Catching up on new seasons. Particularly after Mr. Robot season ends. Ziva’s character is back. She appeared in the Oct 21st episode and will appear in December and once more in January.

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