Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 2: ‘Payment Required’

Mr. Robot’ Season 4 Episode 2: ‘Payment Required’


This is a complicated episode as writers try to keep wrapping up loose ends. Very much like the final season of Game of Thrones. There’s a third part of Elliot. We don’t know much about that yet.

The main characters are all trying to figure out how to get untangled from the Whiterose web or how to stop her. They have two months to figure it out.

Opening scene: Price explains to Elliot the history of an all-powerful shadow group, DEUS. It’s made up of the most powerful people in the world, a new world order controlled by Whiterose/Zhang to manipulate and control global events for profit introduced during the First Gulf War. "The Internet was the enabler … and people willingly gave up their privacy and data for the convenience of a click. DEUS used the Internet explosion as a test case. Everything was going online and Americans willingly gave up practically all their data. "Just click the box and say “I agree.” ”It was the biggest coup d’etat in human civilization. Deus group manipulated the public while Zhang had been perfectly positioning himself to take total control and with the DEUS group behind it E Corp became the biggest front to manipulate the public. Zhang built a billion-dollar machine clandestinely under the Washington Township Nuclear power plant (where Elliot and Darlene grew up). The Deus group now understood we were working for him … not with him."

Zhang/Whiterose is spliced into the older video so that it appears Zhang is socializing with well-known world leaders including British ex-prime minister David Cameron and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is a deepfake but it’s old hat. If you ever saw the movie “Forest Gump” (1994) you’ll recall Forest was also seamlessly spliced into many scenes interacting with famous people and world leaders.

At Allsafe: Elliot convinces Price to help him bring down Whiterose

Price likely guilt-ridden over his daughter Angela’s assassination by the DarkArmy hit squad has had enough. Elliot asks for his help to take down Whiterose. Although he believes its probably impossible, he reluctantly agrees to help. He tells Whiterose he resigning as CEO of ECorp in a week.” She says,” that is impossible.” He tells her to assemble the board this week. No way Whiterose is going to let him walk away. He’s a dead man walking.

Elliot learns from Price that Susan Jacobs ECoin’s chief counsel has access to all money transactions and Price usually signed off through text. Sim hack coming? Not really Darlene has already taken care of this. Read on.

Cell phone. Darlene. “It’s mom. She’s gone, Elliot.”

Elliot learns his mom has passed away. They go to clean out her room. Elliot cannot or will not deal with grief. Darlene and Elliot get rid of all of mom’s belonging … seems like they really don’t give a crap about their abusive dead mom’s stuff. Mr. Robot says you’ve got to stop and take a moment to contemplate your mom’s death instead of holding it in. Elliot says we need to takedown Whiterose or we die. Darlene dies. Did your expert observation pick up on that? Mr. Robot: I agree this could have gone better. F’ you.

At funeral parlor: Elliot: “How would I have known what she wanted? Cremation, cardboard coffin, and cheapest urn.”

Flashback to Dom at FBI:

Dom’s is home contemplating her improvised interview with Agent Horton on what she knows about the death of Santiago. She decided not to tell Horton that Santiago was working with the Dark Army and risk their revenge so she tells Horton that Santiago was a double agent working with the drug cartel. She hopes to keep both her FBI associates AND the Dark Army at bay with this move. She gets a text. It’s from the “Taxidermist” Dark Army gal who asks her how convincing she thought she was in the interview. Dom says 99.5 percent. Lady says good. Dom returns later to the FBI office when an agent moves her out of the office towards a TV and says you should see this. A tragic event is unfolding. FBI person asks her how Horton appeared to her during the interview? Someone just took a dive from the eighth floor and it’s Horton. Another text hits Dom’s phone. It’s the Dark Army gal. Vibration: 99.9% sure isn’t good enough. Let’s strive to keep it 100!!

Scene: Bank - Darlene and Elliot

Darlene continues to get emotional and eventually, Elliot starts to feel something. They listen to a tape they found in her mom’s safety deposit box. Music playing. “All over the World, It’s Christmas”. They both listen to their young selves sing and wish their mom a Happy Mothers Day. “I love you.”

Scene: Christmas tree at Whiterose place. Price, "you’re a little unbalanced. Whiterose: The tree? “Yes to the left – happy holidays.” “Pleased you reached out is that why you are here?” Price: “Truth is simple. I’m resigning as CEO of E Corp by end of the year. Which means I’ll be parting ways with DEUS group. Whiterose: Your tenure will have to wait as my project has not shipped.”

Price: “Here’s the thing “I don’t care”. Whiterose: “do not forget your loyalty clock ticks.”

Price: “My loyalty has been unquestionable. You’ve taken nearly everything form me I like to take what little I have left.”

Whiterose: “You know that in order to replace you as CEO DEUS group must all agree on your successor in person. Your request is absurd. You know we can’t organize within a week.”

Price. “You’ll find a way. Whiterose: “That is not how this f******* game is played!”

Price: “Game. That word. There is our problem. There’s an endpoint eventually and I’ve reached mine. You should be happy you won.”

Zhang in anger: Topples huge Xmas tree.

Price: Calls Elliot

Price: “I played my hand now all we do is wait. Elliot: thank you.”

Price. “Don’t thank me I’m not doing this for you”

[b]Darlene and Elliot at Church

Elliot finally learns from Darlene that Susan Jacobs is dead. In season 2, Fsociety had taken over Susan Jacobs’s home and was using it as a temporary base of operations. Darlene confronted Susan about squashing her parent’s wrongful death lawsuit and tazed her. That fried her pacemaker killing her… however Fsociety had doubts about it being an accident as they saw hacked email indicating she had a pacemaker. They kind of thought Darlene’s taze was meant to kill not stun. Afterward, they took her corpse to an animal shelter to dispose of it.

Darlene holding her mom’s ashes. “I saw your phone. Elliot: Why are you hacking Susan Jacobs Ecoin wallet?”

Elliot: “I’m going after Whiterose.”

Darlene: “You know that’s suicide right?”

Elliot: “Probably.”

Darlene: “Your gonna do it anyway. Why not give up?”

Elliot: “Can’t. She’ll find me.”

Darlene: “She’ll find us both that why are you doing this?”

Darlene: “I’m in.”

Elliot: “This is exactly why I didn’t tell you in the first place!”

Darlene: “I’m not giving you a choice; besides you need me. Every hack we pulled off was because Fsociety was behind it. If this is the biggest thing you’re gonna do were doing this together. Give me your phone.”

Darlene: “I rigged signals API so we can share GPS locations that way if you’re ever worried about me you’ll know where I am.”

Elliot.“Vera? What does he have to do with anything?”

Darlene. “Vera showed up at your building but when I told you about it. You blew it off like no big deal.”

Darlene. “I don’t need to worry about him, do I?”

Elliot: “You should get going.”

Mr. Robot enters and says to Elliot. “She told one of us and it wasn’t me…”

Elliot and Mr. Robot puzzled? Mr. Robot says, “I was not the one who Darlene talked to. If it wasn’t me or you — who was it?”

Scene of NY from a penthouse window

Little kid twirling around in seat at a desk

Female." I’ve been looking all over for you (the kid). You shouldn’t be sitting there they’re not ready for you."

Is this a young Elliot, or Mr. Robot or is this related to the “time machine” theory?

Lady: “The other one.”

Episode ends.

Technically, we, the audience, have always been the third. We are referred to by Elliot as “friend” (as in “Hello, friend.”). Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) has even commented in the show that he doesn’t like it when Elliot talks to this “friend”. If there is a new “personality” aside from that then i believe that one would be the fourth.

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Sounds like a plausible concept.

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