Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 4: "404" Not Found Recap

Season 4 Episode 4 "404 Not Found Recap [Spoiler Alert]

This season is action-packed and the writing well done considering they need to close the series and fill in the back story of all the characters.

Philip Price has resigned as CEO of Deus Group and Whiterose picks Tyrell Wellick as the new CEO. Wellick had in previous season recruited Elliot to leave AllSafe and work for ECorp when he was interim CEO. Elliot had refused. However, Wellick’s motivations now seem aligned with Elliot’s to stop the Dark Army and Whiterose.

Opening scene. Elliot’s apartment. Wellick is already inside waiting. When Elliot enters Wellick immediately tells Elliot he’s now been asked to be CEO by Whiterose and they are in a position to take her down. Elliot scribbles “They’re Listening” on a paper and shoves it in
front of Wellick to shut him up. Elliot talks about computer maintenance while he figures out how to jam the Dark Army van’s listening gear. Meanwhile, Wellick runs down to the Van and strikes the Van operator who is trying to adjust the “wacky antenna”, killing him. Wellick tells Elliot to check the logs and wipe them if the eavesdropper hasn’t transmitted the recordings back to Dark Army. They proceed to drive upstate into the middle of nowhere to get gas at a gas station operated by a lady who thinks she recognizes Wellick. He tells her he’s not Wellick. The internet is down. The gang of three asks the gas station attendant if she knows a short cut to the closest city. She gives them a recursive route that eventually puts them back on the same road. They leave the gas station but the van has vanished. Maybe the van operator wasn’t dead?

Darlene works on the Cyprus account
Darlene is scouting out Virtual Reality and curses Elliot for not calling in and meeting at AllSafe. Leaves a voice message with lots of four-letter words …and deletes it. [Never say stuff you don’t mean in anger and leave it on a voice or email. Say it in person. We’ve got to talk!]. She has logged into Olivia’s account and can see all the account numbers but the account doesn’t have transfer authority and everything else on the domain is read-only. She got “lateral access” but hit a wall. All their authentication goes through a proxy. Now they have to get into Virtual Reality’s servers. Back at Elliot’s apartment, she notices the note. In a prior episode, she had set up Elliot’s phone with a GPS tracker app. She confirms his location upstate.

Dom’s place
Back at her apartment, it appears Dom is suffering from trauma-induced PTSD. She’s boxed in by the Dark Army and can’t go to the FBI or her family will be killed. Home alone on Xmas eve she logs into a sex chatroom to talk with an old male buddy. He offers to come over. She explains she’s now exclusively into women. Then the chatter says he’s a woman. Dom invites her over. She is then assaulted in her bathtub by the women sporting a Dark Army mask. It’s a bad dream. She wakes up.

Back on the Road
Wellick, Mr. Robot, and Elliot are still wandering around the woods and Wellick is having existential thoughts about his existence. He seems to want to give up. Keeps asking Elliot if he ever cared about him. He’s giving up. Reminds me of Blair Witch Project. They finally get back to the road.

Darlene’s Road Trip With Bad Santa

Earlier, Darlene while trying to break into a car, is stopped by a drunk Santa who tells her its his car she breaking into. In trade for not calling the cops, she offers to drive him upstate since he’s like 2.0 of the blood alcohol scale and can’t drive. They arrive at this home. She’s done a good deed but it’s not his car! She heads back to the city to drop off the stolen car and Elliot and her paths area bout to cross.

Deer Wellick
As they walk the road to nowhere they come across a dead deer lying in the road. Omen?
Elliot and friends see a light in the distance. They head for it. There’s the van. The wounded Dark Army guy in the Van has come back to life like a Zombie. He fires off a few rounds towards Elliot, and Wellick then shoots himself in the head. Wellick has been hit in the abdomen. They offer to take him to the hospital. Elliot “Can’t let you die”. Wellick "I’m just going to go for a walk. Ethereal music. As he heads back to the mysterious light and the weird sound to presumably lie down and die he tells them to burn the van and evidence.

Dom wakes up from her nightmare.
Music in the last two scenes and the entire show is pretty awesome.

Wellick fades into the blue light


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