Mr. Robot: Season 4 Episode 5 “Method Not Allowed”

Season 4 Episode 5 “Method Not Allowed”

It’s hard to imagine an episode with only a couple of sentences of spoken dialog but … Darlene driving sees the burning van and picks up Elliot who grabs Tyrell’s phone and the dead Dark Army guys gun, on the side of the road by the burning van. She says, “It’s ok dude you don’t have to talk.” The rest of the episode is pulled along with great Christmas musical scores …and lots of characters texting. Now they continue to try to bring down Whiterose and the Dark Army.

There’s something to be said about keeping laser-focused and Elliot is trying to do that in spite of the twists and turns that keep blocking him. They kept finding roadblocks to getting into the Cyprus National Bank account owned by the DEUS group. We find out Susan Jacob’s General Counsel at [E Corp] was killed by Darlene in a previous episode. Then the US Account manager who Elliot social engineered didn’t have full transfer access. So Darlene cooks up a scheme to break into Virtual Reality to create a 3D printed silicon like finger with a print necessary to get through Virtual Reality’s security and into their servers so they can hack into the Cyprus National Bank server and get access to the DEUS group bank account to transfer out the money.

Darlene’s Mission Impossible Idea
To accomplish this they also create a fake employee named ”Delores Haze” along with an employee card so Darlene can get entry into Virtual Reality’s premises and get past the security. Darlene swipes her card (several times) which doesn’t work because Elliot hasn’t yet entered her into the system. Darlene keeps swiping until the guard comes over and takes her to his desk where she drops her purse on the floor. They both duck behind the desk and Elliot dressed like a Ninja in black slips through the security. Elliot installs a firmware upgrade that is set to last for 40 minutes. During this time the camera system should stay offline. The “Mission Impossible” break-in scheme has to work within that timeline or they will show up on security cams. It works, almost, but they aren’t out of the server room after 40 minutes. Cam’s back on! They quickly figure out how to kill the lights making it harder to be found.

The Van Fire at Pikes Hollow
Dom receives a message from psychotic DA operative Janice. (This is a great character played by Ashlie Atkinson. She tells DOM to go to Pikes Hollow to figure out what’s going on with the torched DA van. Emergency first responders and police are already on the scene zipping up the body along with any evidence. Dom notices the traffic camera on the intersection right before the burning van. She tests it by driving through t he intersection and sees a light snap her license plate. They may have the rogue car plate photo. She goes to the local police office but due to the Christmas Holiday, things have slowed to a crawl. She installs remote screen capture software. Actually, it’s a LAN Turtle". A Lan Turtle is a pen test tool used to gain intelligence through man in the middle attack {MItM} software surveillance. She places it on one of the police officer’s desktops allowing her to view the cops screen remotely when they get around to viewing the traffic cams video.

Read the rest of the recap here on USA Networks.

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