Mr. Robot: Season 4 Episode 6 "406 Not Acceptable"

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This episode, like many, has scenes cut in and out to different locations.

Vera’s Xmas Tale – “Inconceivable” It’s’ No "Princess Bride"

Vera Elliot Villar who plays a Dominican gangster /drug dealer is back, and he’s holding Krista Gloria Reuben, Elliot’s former court-appointed therapist captive in her apartment bound and gagged. Vera tells her his Xmas story about a time he was bullied as a little boy referring to himself as “the Little Bitch.”

Vera is also the thug who raped and killed Elliot’s girlfriend, Shyla Rachel Shaw. Shyla was Elliots’s drug connection for suboxone while he was kicking morphine in a much earlier episode. Elliot got back at Vera, eventually setting him up, so he ended up behind bars. Now it looks like it’s time to settle scores and own Elliot. He wants Krista to arrange a meeting in downtown NYC.

[combining two different Vera Krista scenes here]

Doorbell rings. Vera laughs, says to Krista (gagged), her boyfriend Jason’s at the door. Maybe that’s just what will get you going? After some tense minutes, Jason gives up ringing and leaves. Vera presumes to “psychoanalyze” why she had to part company with Elliot and resumes the Xmas story of a “Little Bitch.”

“He just went right up to his bed and held his hand just like so. Real soft and gentle like, and then he got real close. He looks at his bully, all sniffling and crying --he looked at him and said. I see you now. The little bitch showed up when no one else would. “The bat. It’s not the end of the story. So after being beaten within an inch of his life, the bully woke up in the hospital it was right then the Little Bitch walked in like ghost of Christmas past. Thought I was going to finish him off. But you know what happened? Little Bitch walked right up to his bed and held his hand just like so. Real soft and gentle like, and then he got real close and looks at his bully all sniffling and crying. He looks at his bully and said, I see you now.”

“Little Bitch showed up when no one else would He saw this bully like no one else could, and that’s all it took and from then on in he owned that bully for life. I’m going to own Elliot, not break him. I’ve got to break him to build him up. That’s how you own him.” He tells her to say exactly what he wants her to say to Elliot. “You do that and I got no reason not to turn you loose. Trust me.” Krista aghast: Go to the filing cabinet in my office there’s a folder Sept 2015. Look for Elliot’s name. Vera: “What am I going find there? Krista: “That is how you’ll break him.”

The Latte Plan Leon Returns for a few strange minutes

Elliot and Darlene are on the phone discussing the next steps while Elliot drinks a latte at a coffee house. Elliot asks her if the proxy hack he set up at Virtual Reality was working. Darlene says yes, and she’s reading the encrypted traffic. Elliot knows the venue for the Deus group “shindig.” [In a previous scene Price, is eating at a restaurant when the waiter gives him a check. Printed on it are instructions to see the Trombone player on the street. The Trombone player gives Price a dry cleaning receipt. He picks up the clothing and gets the meeting location. A good way to keep an eye in on Price’s movement for DA.]

Leon shows up. He passes a bag to Elliot under the table and wants to hang out longer, but Elliot hasn’t the time. It appears that Leon has left the DA and lets him know he’s know working freelance for paying customers that is. Leon says, “Be strange, but don’t be a stranger” and leaves.” Elliot picks up two pistachio mochas. Social engineering has begun.

Social Engineering Olivia
Elliot still needs Oliva’s bosses login creds, and the stakes are so high he plans to get them by using social engineering and worse he plans to dose her. He hands her the laced coffee. Now he’s crossed a line again. At Olivia’s, he gets right to the point and tells her he’s hacked her. Their short relationship is done. He has no time left for small talk.

Elliot tells her he needs to swipe her boss’s credentials. That coffee he gave her-- it’s laced with OXY. Supplied by Leon??? Olivia phones her boss and leaves a voicemail for him to call back. Elliot appeals to her telling her a part of her has always known that she was working for the DEUS group, which was responsible for her mother’s death. But she was in denial and chose to look the other way to earn a living. “That’s the way they operate. They force us to compromise.” How many people have your hurt, Elliot asks Olivia? Was it worth it? He asks her what happens if you fail a drug test and that he knows about her custody battle and the condition of “staying clean.” He then informs her she’s been drugged with Oxy. She feels betrayed, and her life ruined. Elliot has crossed the line again. Evil to combat evil. Elliott to Olivia. “If you don’t do what I say, you lose your son.” Olivia, Why are you doing this? It’s the fastest way to convince you.” She asks to go to the bathroom. Elliot hears a thud.

She’s on the floor, bleeding from the wrists. He wraps up her wrists with towels while Mr. Robot reminds him he’s crossed the line again. In a few minutes, she regains consciousness. Olivia asks Elliot if the people she works for were responsible for the massacre at El Salado? “My mom died there.” Elliot. “I know.” Olivia is crying. Elliot: “I can stop them.” Olivia places the call to her boss’s office and says he requested the authorization to transfer funds. Elliot is monitoring the SSL sessions on his phone. RF hack? I’ll wipe all the traces back to you and your boss. Olivia loathing: “I may work for monsters, but you are one and don’t even know it.”

Dom has the Gun Pointed at Darlene

Dom pays an unexpected visit to Darlene after receiving a call from Janice telling her they need to track Elliot through his phone. Dom tells Janice that Darlene is there without Elliot. Janice says, “that’s not good.” Let me run this up the flagpole.

Janice calls again. " Good news and bad news. The higher-ups want Elliot and not her sister. I don’t think she mentioned where she’s at. Dom: “She wouldn’t do that. I got her right here.”
Janice: ”We don’t need her. If you don’t feel 100% like the last time, we’ll just kill your whole family.”

With Janice on the way and her family’s life at stake, Dom throws Darlene into the bathtub and tells her to get on her knees. Darlene: “This is crazy. You don’t need to do this. Dom, “You ruined my life. I’m here because of you.” There’s no way out. Darlene, “I have a plan. Please, Dom is’ not too late.” Dom doesn’t shoot her but knocks out Darlene with a gun slap to the skull.

Darlene wakes up in the bathtub. She gets out. Dom asks her to unlock the phone and get Elliot’s location. Darlene refuses and asks, “what if it were your family?” Finally, with no way out, Dom takes Darlene’s hand and wraps it around the gun pointed at Dom’s heart and pleads for Darlene to kill her. Darlene can’t do it. Janice arrives. “Dominque, Well, not I was not expecting. I’m stunned. Don’t know what to say. My goodness. Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you your far too useful, but this is going to be so painful for you.” {Janice is one great character}.

Where’s the phone. Janice grabs for it and points the gun at Darlene’s head, but Darlene just wiped the phone. “It won’t do you any good. Janice: HUH!

At Whiteroses’s Office

Whiterose’s assistant Jing Xu Wang Shu tells Whiterose they have Elliot’s sister and advises him to kill Elliot as he’s too much of a liability. Whiterose a bit miffed tells her she’s foolish. “If we kill him, his shipping hack dies with him.” He orders Shu to locate Elliot and bring him in. It’s time to let him know we’re on the same side!

Elliot and Mr. Robot
Elliot is on the streets of NYC and gets a call from Krista, telling him Vera wanted to know everything about him. “I went to the police I’m afraid. I can meet you at Washington Square Park. See you soon.” Mr. Robot, “There’s no way they are going just to let her go. Elliot: “I know.” @ Fifty 33 Avenue Elliot’s snatched and thrown into the trunk of Vera’s gang’s car.

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