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(Edmund H Niemczyk) #1

I have been subscribed to KnowB4 for awhile and read every email received. I reside in MN with a security company that is putting high emphasis on network security and I feel this forum will give me cutting edge news on security. I may not be able to contribute much to the topics but I know the topics will keep me in the know. Thanks.

(Lee Esselstrom) #2

Hey there, I’ve been in IT since the early 90s, I work for an IT company in Oregon with about 250 clients and over 3000 PCs and servers.
We have been seeing a lot more crypto attacks and phishing email in the last year and I am here mostly for information and to learn more about protecting our clients.

(Michael P Hinds) #3

Hi, all -

I’m a DBA for a regional bank in the midwest. IT Security is my #1, but not only, job here.

I’m highly concerned about Ransomware, both at work and at home (and the homes of my friends and family). I’m looking forward to learning and one day contributing toward making our computers safer once more.

  • Mike

(JBrown) #4

Good Morning ALL!!!

 I am a Network Specialist residing in the good ole state of OK. I do all manors of jobs that range from mobile device management to database administration. I really look forward to learning as much as I can from this forum. I am really concerned about end user knowledge of what goes on outside our organization and hope to spread the knowledge of what I learn to everyone else, even if they do not understand much of it. It will be my goal to get them to understand. I am also looking forward to expanding my own knowledge base in security as well.

(Collin) #5

Good Morning!

I’m a security analyst in the banking industry. Been in IT for about 10 years and security focused for about 2.
We are Knowbe4 customers and have found the training and tests to be very helpful.


(Laura Smyth) #6

Good morning all, I’ve been in the IT world off and on since the early 1990’s and am in Kansas. I am currently doing desktop support for a facility that has around 400 computers. I’ve been lucky so far that none of my users have gotten any Ransomware on their computers. My only dealings with it have been on home computers of a few friends.


(Daniel Coyne) #7

Hello, all. I’ve been in the IT world for about 20 years, previously more on the sysadmin side, but now more on the security side. I’m not often bored for long :stuck_out_tongue:


Greetings fellow netizens. I try to walk the line between the world of IT engineering / administration, and the world of exploits, zero days, good old scripts and hacking and modifying everything possible while remaining a free man. My 20th year as an IT person, but have been modifying, tinkering and hacking things since childhood. The curiosity about how things work fuels all of this.
As far as I was concerned, anything Kev Mitnick is a part of is worth trying out and now for about a year I’ve been phishing my own staff and assigning training. One of the most fun parts of the job.

I also collect T-shirts.

(Stewart) #9

Hello all,
Been in the IT industry since '99 and only a few companies during that time. Have been IT Manager at my current and last employer. Did not know about KnowBe4 at my last company and it would have come in handy with my previous boss since he fell for phishing scams twice on the same computer and unfortunately I had to rebuild his computer from scratch each time (he would not allow me to disable his local admin status on his machine). I’m a jack of all trades but my current company has introduced me to PCI DSS compliance as well as SSAE 16 Type II and FISMA readiness. I’m getting more interested in the security side of the industry now as well as CEH.


Hi All

I am a network administrator in a store where no one knows how to properly use a computer. Kind of a good thing since it creates an ongoing need for my services. The I.T. dept. here consists of 1 person…Me. My only problem is that I am the only person that is security conscious here. They get a virus, they expect me to be a magician and restore everything to it’s former glory in 10 minutes, with no budget! Until 2012 they were on a unix based network. They brought me on board to create a new network to incorporate mobile technology, POS technology, and accounting online services, as well as security cameras, and delivery dispatching software. They keep me around to fix all the mistakes they make lol They can’t understand why security is an issue now, when it wasn’t on their last network, rolling eyes and feel that since they purchased a network antivirus software and a firewall, that they are secure. I haven’t been able to convince them otherwise. I have been in contact with Mike at Know Be 4 for a while now and have gotten some great advice from him. I read all the emails to keep on top of what’s going around the globe, so I know what to watch for. It is an invaluable resource for me. Thank you Know Be 4, for helping me and my network.

(David A Hahne Sr.) #11

Hello all:
I am network administrator with 3 years of experience and the 2nd guy in charge of our IT team here at 50 bed nursing home. Was never much into network security issues until one of office people, picked up (not sure how) some ransomware. Within 4 hr the program had trashed half the network and after about 12 hours of restoration to restore the system, our team realized that even the little guy out in the middle of nowhere can be vulnerable. The attack has really turned around our thinking and I am looking forward through this forum to become even security savvy than I have been in the past, hoping in the end not to have a repeat of the last event.


Greetings and Salutations. I’ve been in IT coming on 20 years, starting as SL1 tech support, to present day as a BSA and all the myriad stations in between. I’ve been receiving email from KnowB4 for quite a while, but it now has a clear presence in my mind, as we are getting hit with phishing attempts on a more frequent basis.

Location: Portland OR
Industry: Freight Distribution; SCM, Packaging


Hi, I’m a former Network Engineer turned Technology Director getting my feet wet in Network Security and Penetration Testing. Looking to grow my knowledge from real world examples from the experts in the community!


Hi Everyone! I have been in IT for 22 years, but recently just accepted the role of Manager of Information Security back in June. I work for a manufacturing company and we have enjoyed Knowbe4’s tips, blogs, training, and creative ways to evaluate user behavior. I’m looking forward to participating in the community!

(Travis Davis) #15

Hello everyone,
I have only been in IT for a year and a half now, but have been a technology enthusiast for most of my life. I’m about 30 miles south of St.Louis MO working at a title insurance company. We have been hit by ransomeware (Locky) a couple of times, but we have a great backup appliance (Unitrends) and were backup and running in no time. I am looking forward to many great conversations and advice here.

(Kory) #16

Hey all
Newbie here myself running a one man show, always interested in learning what others are up too, and sharing myself

(Brad) #17

Systems Admin for a small not-for profit insurance company in Waterloo Ontario.
Worked as a general IT service provider for 14 years before taking on this role so been around, done lots of neat stuff in the SMB/SME industry space and am happy managing my little network here.
Recently joined KnowBe4 for the training aspect; and thanks to the phish testing, found that we really were in need of it and finally had some proof!
Looking to gather information on ‘what’s the norm’ for companies our size (120 users) and happy to share how and what we’ve implemented for any in similar situations.

(Al Warner) #18

A quick introduction. After four years in the USAF as a Bomb Nav tech on B52Gs, I started in IT. That’s when it was called Data Processing and PCs were just being conceived. I now work as the IT Department for a manufacturer in central New Hampshire. It’s a Jack of all trades and master of none scenario, but keeps me off the streets and out of bars. I am amazed at the quantity and scope of attacks that occur on a daily basis and am a firm believer in user training. We have good perimeter protection and monitoring in place but, I liken it to having the best locks in the world , but having the users prop the door open so they can slip out for a smoke. I’m here to listen and learn, but will share some of my most embarrassing moments if it will keep someone from repeating them. I’ve seen CryptoWall and CryptoLocker and don’t intend to revisit.

(Joe) #19

Hello I am 1 of 4 Network specialist at a non -profit Agency we employee 600 and have recently signed on with Know be 4
Looking forward to seeing who is doing the clicking lol
We have had 3 hits with ransomware in the last year and survived well Good backups are the key.
Now is the time to educate

(Tammy Jutras) #20

Hello everyone. I have been in IT since the mid 90’s and have performed various roles during that time. My current role is Lead Cybersecurity Engineer for an MSP provider based in Southern New Hampshire and we have clients across the United States. We have been a partner with KnowBe4 now for about a year and half and have had great success with the training and phishing modules. I am excited to join this forum so I can learn from others, share ideas, and read about what has worked well and not so well in other companies.