New User - Missouri

(Rick) #1

Hello all.

Been using Knowbe4 for a while now and wanted to join the community to see what others are doing and offer suggestions that I might have for others to provide feedback.


(Carl Headley) #2

Welcome Rick,

How long have you been using KNowbe4? We have been using it for almost 8 months now. Have to say quite happy with the results on our end.


(Patti) #3

Hi guys,

I have wanted to discuss using Knowbe4 with my boss, but we’re a software development company and my biggest fear is that our users are too sophisticated and I would just end up feeling foolish for attempting to pull something like this off. Any suggestions? How do you really feel about the value of this kind of product?

(Jessica) #4

Hi Rick,

Thanks for joining our community! Feel free to send questions to your peers as well as me, I am the community manager here, but also run managed services at KnowBe4 and would be happy to help with any ideas you may want to execute.

  • Jessica S.