NSA Warning: BlueKeep Exploit Causes Alarm for World-Wide Worm Attacks

NSA issued a warning yesterday about Bluekeep for unpatched RDP services on Legacy Windows Servers. This look like it could be a real world-wide problem if these servers are not patched very quickly. https://www.nsa.gov/News-Features/News-Stories/Article-View/Article/1865726/nsa-cybersecurity-advisory-patch-remote-desktop-services-on-legacy-versions-of/

According to Ars Technica, RiskSense demonstrated a proof of concept exploit showing this is the real deal.
“For the past three weeks, security professionals have warned with increasing urgency that a recently patched Windows vulnerability has the potential to trigger attacks not seen since the WannaCry worm that paralyzed much of the world in 2017. A demonstration video circulating on the Internet is the latest evidence to prove those warnings are the real deal. It was posted Tuesday by Sean Dillon, a senior security researcher and RiskSense. A play-by-play helps to underscore the significance of the feat.”