October NCSAM ideas

(Cniky B) #1

Is anyone doing any awareness training for National Cyber Security Awareness Month this October?

(Edwin Eekelaers) #2

I’m trying hard to convince my management to allocate a decent budget to train our users but you know how management reacts to budget requests.

(Courtney McDowell) #3

I’m planning to approach upper management this month with ideas for weekly emails throughout October. We don’t have a budget for training, but I’ve noticed that a surprising number of our employees actually read emails addressed to “all [insert category] employees”, so I think it would be not only a relatively effective teaching tool for my agency, but also an avenue to open dialogues with employees who are curious about it.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #4

Most of the good info is too complicated for most of our users so it takes time to bring it down to their level… Some of the KnowBe4 mails have gone up the foodchain here. Only hope there’s someone reading them up there. Every day i open up my mailbox the first thing i look for is those mails from KnowBe4.


We are planning potential IT audits for next year and Cybersecurity is one of major topic. To include areas within the Cloud, Public and Private. Reviewing Data Centers and their security with access to users including physical location. Trying to attend some external conferences to hear some good practices as well as understand how others are looking into cybersecurity for their organization.

(Tammy Jutras) #6

We do an email newsletter to all clients (and others who have joined the mailing list). October’s theme is dedicated to cybersecurity awareness. There are some great reference materials here: https://securingthehuman.sans.org/resources/national-cyber-security-awareness-month


Hi, did you have success at getting these emails approved. My guess is this is the hardest step sometimes.


We have a bevy of activities; Posters, bookmarks and a website contest for those who complete the on-line SAT. They get extra entries into the contest if they subscribe to the IT security website. We also have displays set up and we are giving away USB keys to people who subscribe to the website.


Nice! I like the USB as a gift. However, some might use that as a vulnerability test.

Sounds like you did a good job on getting it socialized.