Old Vish Comes Alive on Halloween!

If you get a call from Optum -Omni or Optum RX which is a pharmacy benefits manager subsidiary of United Healthcare asking for your date of birth or any kind of personal information – don’t provide it without going direct to Optum authentic number. It’s likely scammers. Scammers have been robocalling on the premise that you have a prescription reminder. I just received one which I let go to voicemail. First red flag. The number they are calling is not associated with your insurance company or your health insurance company’s doesn’t use Optum as the pharmacy benefits manager.

Upon checking further I found this to be an ongoing scam taking place over several years. The fact that it ongoing means people are falling for it. What do they want? My guess is they have a database of individuals information they are trying to verify and clean up for a really good phishing scam or for resale of database to other hacker forums.

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