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Recap: EP9 eps3.8_stage3.torrent
Aired on 12/06/2017

Spoiler Alert!

elliot trolls a former ally. mr. robot leaves cryptic txt. tyrell gets new cmds. tbh Darlene’s plan is next level risky biz.
In Season3 Episode 8, we were left hanging with a hint of Trenton’s last letter. We see Elliot viewing his Proton mail account with the email open that was to be sent upon her demise. Hope for an undo exists. Trenton was investigating Romero and discovered that he had hardware keyloggers installed on all of the machines at the fsociety headquarters before the five/nine events. All information coming from peripherals and the computers were logged.

A possible UNDO may exist as the as those FBI recovered computers may have either the full encryption key or a hash of it. If only they can get into the FBI Sentinel System which Darlene calls the Ft. Knox of servers.

This episode starts out with flashbacks. If you haven’t followed it regularly following may be a bit confusing. I’m glad I watch this on YouTube TV as I can rewind it, pause it, and focus on screens.

All Is Safe?
Flashback. Meeting between AllSafe Security and E Corp. AllSafe is hoping to land the E Corp account which is huge. AllSafe CEO, Phillip Price, CEO E Corp, Terry Colby, CFO (later set up by Elliot but exonerated by the FBI, and Angela. Phillip’s quixotic stares at Angela indicate they may know each other from before. In the taxi, Phillip to Terry: “We’re going to hire them. Set the deal in motion immediately. Terry: I don’t understand is there something behind the scenes we don’t know about? Price: “I want the contract executed as soon as possible." Terry looking puzzled. Wellick in front of his apartment to Price. "I’m hesitant to depend on AllSafe as our security operations center and I’m confident I could lead a team to establish our own internal staff and with the appropriate resources…. “Price deflates his ego with a giant kick in the groin. “I’m sorry if I’ve misled you that I was seeking your counsel or approval; because I was most certainly not. Understood? Good.” Wellick: “Just hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us.” Price: “This decision’s been made.”

Mirror Mirror
Elliot’s awakened from another blackout again (these occur when Mr. Robot takes over) and is looking at his medicine chest mirror marked up with a cryptic soap scrawled message “They Own The FBI.” Elliot runs to his computer and sees a web page decribing the FBI Sentinal Case Management system. He surmises that Mr. Robot has looked at his computer and the Proton mail account message from Trenton. He left the UNDO message open on the screen. [I had to freeze the frame and squint at my Galaxy S7 screen to catch the entire message. Elliot: “What exactly did Mr. Robot do last nite?” Message:
Proton Mail: Subject: Don’t delete me
"I may have found a way to undo the hack. I’ve been investigating Romero. He installed hardware keyloggers on all of the machines sometime before five/nine. The NYPD imaged all of his data after he was murdered. I was able to get to the chain of custody document from the NYPD when they prepared the transfer to the FBI. They couldn’t get into the encrypted keylogger containers. If Romero somehow got off the keys, or even the seed data and source code of the encryption tools, the answer might be in those keylogger captures, but the FBI probably has those now.”
107.72KB 1 file attached
Romero chain of custody pdf

He also realizes Mr. Robot must have looked up info about Tyrell Wellicks release. From Hunted to Hero. Tyrell Wellick Released by FBI, Cleared of All Charges
Elliot: “I must’ve left the computer unlocked.” He also looked up info on Wellick’s release. Mr. Robot might know Trenton was onto the five/nine hack and I’m gonna finish what she started.”
The key to decrypting the E Corp information and undoing the whole mess is the encryption key --or a hash of it. But how to get it?

Tyrell Wellick Mr. Robot Meeting
Mr. Robot leaves Elliot’s apartment and heads to Tyrell’s new townhouse. Mr. Robot: “ 71 buildings destroyed but was it worth it?" They argue over who was responsible for the +4,000 deaths in the destruction of 71 buildings and inhabitants and how they got here. Mr. Robot “You’re being added to the collection of puppets. You know how the Dark Army works. You made a deal with a force bigger than you." Mr. Robot brings up the murder of his wife. “Tryell “You don’t talk about my wife.” Wellick’s blue rubber latex gloves are on again. A fight ensues but is interrupted by Phillip Price with apologies for interrupting.Price: “Good evening Mr. Alderson please join us after all you were a part of this too.” Fade to Elliot and Darlene at fsociety headquarters. Back at Wellick’s place. Price puts everyone in their place. Tells Wellick that the CTO title is just a title and no more. A mere prop. Wellick tres to lecture Price and tell him he needs to hire him back because he’s out of moves. Price says “I’m not out of moves your just not worth one.” Mr. Robot asks if Price knew about five/nine before it happened and he acknowledged , “we had some knowledge.” Mr. Robot says, "I was the guy who started it I’m the leader. Price, “if you’re a leader where are your followers? Can’t force an agenda you have to inspire one.”

Now we begin.
Elliott tells Darlene they can undo the hacks if they can recover the documents stored in the FBI Sentinel Case Management System. He wants to know all about Sentinel. Elliot wants to go because it’s too dangerous but Darlene tells him he’d be ID’d in a second and she has a better plan. He tells her Trenton was investigating Romero and found he was keylogging all of their machines. Darlene “FBI Sentinel is the Ft. Knox of closed networks. Darlene tells him she’s spent the last two months working with the Feds. She knows how they work. Elliot:" You just worry about getting into Sentinel let me worry about the Dark Army."

Another Hack and a Meeting
Irving is letting a customer test drive a hot car when the car beeping suddenly pulls over on its own. Elliot steps into the back seat. Irving asks the lady to walk back to the office. Elliot thanks him masking tape to cover up the microphones in the car. Has Elliot figured out a way to hack into a connected car or is it an RF Hack? Elliots tells Irving there is a stage three and he must set up a meeting with the Dark Army. When Irving balks, Elliot threatens him with being responsible for screwing up the Dark Army timeline. The meeting looks like a go.

Angela and Elliot at Eliot’s
Angela has been walking around town looking homeless with a shopping cart. She now lives behind a door with what seems to be fifteen or twenty padlocks with pictures of cats and the victims of the blown up 71 E Corps facilities photos on the walls of her in her apartment. She seems increasingly paranoid. Who wouldn’t be? She gets freaked out when encountering Leon at Elliot’s apartment and thinks Elliot is trying to trap her. She accuses him of not being on her side. Elliot is trying to protect her from Leon whose decided she’s a nuisance. Leon is a Whiterose operative and previously drove Trenton and Mobley into the Arizona desert to bury a body he presumably dispatched. Elliot urges her to leave…now. She leaves frightened saying you’re not getting any more information from me.

Meanwhile, Angela still loyal to Whiterose leaves her padlocked apartment looking like a homeless person with a shopping cart. She seems paranoid. MIB looking guys show up and ask her to take a ride.

Darlene Meets with Dom at Nightclub
Darlene starts plying Dom with drinks, getting close and trying to social engineer her badge ID info with an RFID reader hidden in her handbag then she goes to the ladies room. Big fail it didn’t work. The badge is encrypted. She buys Dom another drink and seduces her way into a bedroom romp. Dom takes off her badge and gun and stashes it in her bedroom keypad locked safe. They end up in bed. Darlene say’s “Don’t read too much into this.” Darlene gets up while Dom is sleeping and Darlene opens the safe. Dom wakes up and catches her in front of the opened safe. How did she open the safe? Various kinds of digital gun safes hacks are out there on YouTube. Ideally, gun safes keep them locked away from use by family members and thieves.Hoping that are sophisticated gun safes that aren’t easily hackable. Dom takes Darlene back to FBI headquarters. She tells her boss Agent Santiago all of that has transpired. Darlene then tells Dom and Santiago she knows the FBI is in bed with the Dark Army but she has a plan and explains the undo to it which is in the FBI Sentinal case management system. Dom wants to try. Santiago takes her off the case Santiago then phones home to his handler Irving “ Bobby Cannavale.”

Meeting on the Hill
Elliot is marched up to the top of what looks like a monument with a green lawn. A table, Dr. Wang, several assistants in masks. Dr. Wang asks for Elliot’s password which he types in and then turns over his computer to the Dark Army. They plug in a USB. Elliot’s has just sprung the trap. The info on the USB has a trojan backdoor on it to allow him to monitor the Dark Army. Could they be that stupid? Elliot’s tells them there is a stage 3, but Dr. Wang could care less about Elliott’s information and says that ends the meeting. Goodbye Mr. Alderson.

Street Scene: Back to Angela walking the streets of NY with her pushcart looking homeless. Suddenly she is snatched by MIBs.

Mr. Grant Gives Whiterose Advice - Elliot Must Be Eliminated
White Rose throws a hissy fit because shipments are not reaching the recently annexed Congo. Whiterose says the only currency to deal with men is by force. Hence her wrath upon Philip and ECorp. Remember she told Philip that the reason he was singled was that he had to be told twice. Assistant “boyfriend” Mr.Grant blames Whiterose for listening to Elliot. There is no stage 3. It’s time for Elliot to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father died of leukemia which he developed after working at E Corp. They mean to terminate Elliot.
Elliott’s only hope is that the Dark Army has successfully outsmarted and socially engineered the Dark Army when they transferred by USB all the data on his computer including the trojan backdoor he planted so he can monitor their every move.

wHo wAnTs tO TaLk about.Mr001.Robot?
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