Recap: The Season Finale Season 3 episode 10 shutdown -r ok


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The Season Finale S3 episode 10 shutdown -r

BD Wong in “Mr. Robot.” Credit Peter Kramer/USA Network

They should have called this episode Everything finally comes together particularly for fans who were confused about all of the prior relationships between the characters. The enigma of who has the necessary decryption keys to unlock the encrypted information to undo 5/9 is revealed. I suggest you read no further if you want to watch the show.

Warning Spoiler Alert!

Quick Summary
“Masterchef “Whiterose in this season’s final episode serves up some ruthless, dispassionate revenge continuing the takedown of anyone blocking her power play. The episode has some masterful editing which is easier to follow than previous episodes. Sam Esmail finally gives us the big picture of the character background and reveals the underlying theme that everyone can be manipulated. Whiterose has manipulated Angela, Price and almost everyone in her way from blocking her plans. In the prior episode, Recap. Season 3 EP9 eps3.8_stage3.torrent Whiterose assistant, Mr. Grant convinces Whiterose that Elliot has to be eliminated and tells her they’ve been played – there is no stage 3. Elliot and Mr. Robot find out they both complement each other and agree to work together. Darlene reveals something life-changing about Elliot’s past. Mr. Robot has a secret about the key. Elliot had already tricked the Dark Army into introducing malware-laden backdoor. They foolishly downloaded data from his PC onto a USB and ultimately onto their servers. Dark Army maybe you need some additional SAT training? Elliot can now monitor Dark Army’s every move. Now he has to convince them he’s got the goods on them before they delete him permanently.

Opening Scene
The Dark army storms Elliott’s apartment led by Whiterose assistant Mr. Grant but Elliott’s not there. He’s been hiding out in the apartment next door. Dark Army team finds nothing notable. Grant picks up the Mr. Robot jacket – “Computer Repair With a Smile.”
Elliot listening through the door hears Grant say we need to find out where they went. Dark Army finds nothing after a sloppy search. Elliott and Flipper go back to his apartment, but Darlene has not responded to any of Elliot’s texts. He’s starting to worry that she might have been kidnapped or worse.

Back at FBI Headquarters
Santiago unlocks Darlene who has been chained to an interrogation table. An agent working with Dom is sent to San Francisco. Dom smells something’s not right. Dom follows Santiago’s trail into the FBI garage. Santiago has Darlene handcuffed in the back seat of his car and Dom wants to know what’s going on? Dom suggests they take it up with their superiors before proceeding and questions why he’s moving Darlene. Santiago moving ever closer to Dom.:“What are you afraid of me?” Suddenly, Santiago clocks Dom and she hits the floor and joins the others in wearing plastic cuffs.

fsociety HQ
Elliot is supposed to meet Darlene, but she’s not there. Elliot stares into his Kali Linux screen and has no clue where to start looking on Dark Army’s CC center. There are over 600,000 compromised systems. Elliot phreaking out and goes into a panic attack. Darlene’s going to die! Elliot: “I should have never done this. I should have left this alone. I’ll never learn. I brought this on myself. I’ll never learn. This is on me. This is on me…”

Elliot and Mr. Robot Roller Coaster
Elliot quizzes Mr. Robot while they ride on the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island. Elliot to Mr. Robot: “I need information from you. Darlene’s in trouble. Mr. Robot and Elliot argue about why they aren’t working together, and Mr. Robot says: “You refused to talk to me. Elliot: “the sick part is I actually missed you. The only reason we haven’t been talking is that I haven’t let myself. I’ve been scared”. Elliot asks if Mr. Robot knew about the 71 attack and asks him if he would he have done it if he knew the results? Mr. Robot: “I would have found another way.” Elliot observes: “As much as there is a part of you in me there you there’s a part of me in you. Elliot: “Tell me what you know.” Mr. Robot: “The FBI has a mole!”

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Santiago’s Takes Everyone For A Ride
Dom handcuffed in back calls out Santiago for ratting out the fsociety to members of the Dark Army and setting up Tyrell while everyone was blown up. Santiago calls Dom a back seat hero. Santiago tells her she doesn’t understand the Dark Army very persuasive arguments.

Mr. Robot and Elliot look Find the Red Wheel Barrow menu. Its another cipher code.
Irving walks in. Elliot thinks if Irving’s here he must have gotten to Darlene. Irving cuts off Elliot and tells him to forget scheming and come with me.They all follow.

The Mansion
This part of the episode actually transpires in a series of brilliant cuts back and forth between the action which adds to the suspense. I’ve summed it up here, or it would be tedious to read.
Angela is dropped off by the MIBs at a big mansion. Angela thinks she’s at Whiterose’s estate, but the estate is actually Price’s. They are about to have a long exchange, and Angela will discover that Price had an affair with her mother and that he’s her biological father. Price tells her the only reason he got involved was to save her life by hiring her and getting her to drop the lawsuit she filed against ECorp which could have exposed Whiterose. Phillip describes Whiterose as a psychotic killer who will stop at nothing to get her way. Previously, Angela had filed the lawsuit to discover if working at ECorp led to her mother’s illness and subsequent death (Elliot’s father also worked there and died from Leukemia too). Price tells Angela he’s known about Whiterose’s plan for years. In prior episodes, Price had been working with Whiterose to shift ECorps new business plan to eCoin after 5/9. But in a prior episode Price is told by Whiterose that since she had to tell him twice to do her bidding she decided to destroy his career. Angela breaks down and realizes she’s been used by Whiterose as a pawn and hence a party to the destruction of thousands of people’s lives. Phillip tells her she’s going to have to find a way to live with it.

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch
Irving, Mr. Robot, and Elliot arrive at the what looks like a tobacco barn and are taken into inside where members of the Dark Army are waiting along with handcuffed Darlene, Santiago, and Dom. Leon in his normal laid back manner sits in the back. Santiago complains to Irving’s that he’s gotta clean up his mess, and he’s over with being the guy who cleans up the mess but he tells Irving he Santiago knows what to do. Irving: “By mess, I assume you mean her (Dom).” Irving: “So do I. Alright come on everybody let’s go”. Everyone is led by Irving to await their fate.

You’ve Been Chopped
Outside at the woodpile chopping block, Irving picks up a large axe leftover from Wellick’s stay at this nice getaway resort. Dom tries to bargain for her life. Irving tells her to stop talking and look at the sky. Talking to her in a soothing manner he says, “breathe the fresh air.” Darlene gets ready to die. Santiago now pleads for Dom’s life saying they can flip her. She’s a rising star. (See he’s not all that bad). Irving heaves the ax and turns presumably to strike a killing blow to Dom, but the axe blade is planted firmly in Santiago’s right chest leaving him barely alive. Irving stepping on him to get traction pulls out the firmly implanted ax blade from his chest. Irving to Dom: “Where retiring this ■■■■ stain and your taking his place. Irving tells her she’s going back to the FBI as a mole. Dom starts to resist, but Irving starts rattling off the addresses of her closest relatives’ kids. Back to Santiago now being chopped to bits as Irving multitasks and tells Dom to imagine her family member with each subsequent chop into Santiago’s body. By this time, there’s not much left of Santiago to complain. Irving is breathing heavily. Dom gets the message. We’ll she flip? Irving’s voice booms: “Dom I’m going to need verbal confirmation that you’re grasping the details of this agreement.” No more need to persuade her. She has no desire to become chopped liver. Irving promises that in time it will get be easier and she’s got to clean up Santiago’s missteps. More gruesome chops. Irving: “This one is for me.” Santiago by now is Chopped Suey that Dark Army will have to clean up. Break. None too soon. Need one to get over the chopping sequence.

Meanwhile Back at the Cabin
Dom walks back in. In a trance. She turns. Leon coolly observes, “looks like she just got her initiation. Leon graciously offers her some joint. Mr. Robot whispers to Elliot: “If we don’t get out of here, they’re going to kill us.” Music plays sounding exactly like something Quentin Tarantino would be proud of. “Bang Bang You ShotMe Dead” in Mandarin.
Mr. Grant and gang arrive. Not a good sign. Irving: “I took care of everything as instructed. Irving tells Grant he had to kill Santiago. But he has someone better. Irving is about to leave on that long overdue vacation in Barbados at Sandals he’s earned. Grant: “You’re not going anywhere we have more work to do. Stare down contest. Irving looking down grabs Grant’s face and says: “remember doll face I was her assistant years ago and I already done my time. I think she’ll be good with me. Glad we did this.” He drives away.
Lots of editing here back and forth from Cabin to Price and Angela and back to the Cabin and Grant. The editing works. It doesn’t get in your way. Builds excitement.

Elliot Pivots
Elliot takes a chance. He tells them he owns Dark Armies servers. You infected yourself when you loaded my USB, and I’ll expose the entire Dark army history. Grant laughing: “That’s impossible. And here I thought you were going to be honest.” Elliot then rattles off the latest Dark Army movements over the last month and says: “Am I being any more honest now? One of us dies, and everything gets leaked! Grant: Grinning. “We can survive a leak, but you can’t survive a bullet through the throat. Grant thinks Elliot wants to reverse 5/9 and tells him he could care less as it’s already served its purpose, Elliot pivots quickly screaming at Grant that he knows how to move Whiterose held up cargo to the Congo. Grant asks why they should believe him? Elliot: “Because I’m better than you. Elliot knowing Whiterose is watching everything pleads to the IP camera overhead. Grant gets ready to give the order for Elliot to be shot. LEON swings 180 degrees and takes out all Dark Army assistants with his pistol. Uplifting music. Grants cell phone rings. Leon answers: It’s for you bro” and hands the phone to Grant. Whiterose soaking in the bathtub tells Grant goodbye, and they’ll meet again. I love you. Grant looks defeated and promptly shoots himself in the head.
Elliot. “What do we do now. Undo the hack.”

Dom, Elliot, and Darlene Leave Happy Valley
Ominous music plays. Dom gives the passcode to Sentinel to Elliot. Dom to Darlene contemptuously: “Don’t think I’m doing this for you. You are a terrible person. Don’t ever convince yourself of anything else. She lays another layer of guilt trip on Darlene. “All you deserve for the rest of your life is pure and utter agony and that only scratches the surface of how I feel about you. You’ve taken everything from me. My whole life is ruined because of you. Live with that. Die with that.” Darlene looks unhinged.

The Big Reveal
Elliot: Looking on his computer says Romero was spying on us and got someone to export the data key. He learns that Mr. Robot exported the seed data and algorithms using good old Steganography (Elliot’s usual method) by embedding the data inside of a picture of the two of them together then burning it to a CD. They return to Elliot’s apartment, and Elliot finds the CD on the floor in plain sight after being scattered by the Dark Army search. Elliot and Mr. Robot make peace. Elliot learns from Darlene that his dad didn’t push him out of the window. She recalls he went into a fit of rage and started hitting everyone with a baseball bat. Then he jumped out the window. Elliot has his hands on the keyboard. It hovers over the Enter key and all he has to do to undo is send the decryption code to E Corp. He hesitates for a few seconds but pulls the trigger. Mr. Robot questions Elliot. Do you think this is going to change anything (undoing 5/9)? Elliot says I’m doing this for me because I can’t live with what I did anymore. Elliot to Mr. Robot: “You’re wrong. The one good thing that came out of this is that THEY showed themselves. The top 1% of the 1%. The ones who are in control. The ones who want to play God without permission. I’m going to take them down.” Mr. Robot expresses his wish to stay friends and work together as a team. Elliot experiences an epiphany. I wasn’t pushed. I jumped.
We’ll see next season how Elliot intends to bring it on.

wHo wAnTs tO TaLk about.Mr001.Robot?
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That wraps up this season’s Mr. Robot episodes. The good news is that it’s been renewed for Season 4. Mr. Robot had some struggles with Season 1. Sam Esmail, the creator, listened to helpful critique and built more character into the characters. So Season 3 came back with a vengeance. As Digital Spy says,“Season three is everything Mr. Robot was promising to be in its first season and now lives up to the standard set by Malek’s exceptional lead performance. Bring on season four.” Feel free to can continue the conversation here. If you missed Season 3, you can still catch up. No doubts USA Networks will offer a streaming gig to Netflix or Amazon now that the Season has ended. So much goes on so quickly it requires you to pay riveting close attention. What now that Season 3 is over? Grey’s anatomy closed its Season Finale with a ransomware attack that left us hanging after the attack left the hospital with no electricity, no patient data (except for written charts) and loads of incoming patients. And we all know that hospitals have been and still are a huge target for cyberthieves Grey’s Anatomy returns on Thursday, January 18 at 8|7c. I’ll be writing the recap of that episode to post here as a new topic. Any Grey’s Anatomy fans? Beyond that, I’ll be tracking the best Cyber drama on the big and little screens! Anyone have any favs?- Howard