Remediation Email Template

(Erick Ortega) #1

Good day everyone! Does anyone have any email templates used to advise users who have failed the latest phishing test they are now required to complete a remediation “security awareness training” (likely the 25 minute session) by x date? And, on the subject, any recommendations on which good remediation test to apply?

(Genells M) #2

Hi Erick,

We have this email template that we recommend after a baseline test:


You may be aware that we recently ran a simulated phishing security test to determine what our vulnerability would be if a real phishing attack was sent to our users. Our percentage of users who fell for this attack was XX%.

Cybercrime is getting more serious every day. Hackers are getting smarter about tricking people into clicking on fraudulent links or opening up malicious attachments in emails. It can happen to you personally on your own computer and email as well.

Because of this, our company has decided that it is very important that everyone gets comprehensive security awareness training. We need to defend our organization against cybercrime, and security is everyone’s job. You are the last line of defense in keeping our organization safe.

We will be sending out an email to invite you to take this training. In addition to security training, we will also send out simulated phishing tests regularly so you can practice the skills you will learn as part of your training. Be on the lookout for these in your inbox.

Thanks for your cooperation,
John Doe

Perhaps it can help, and just tweak it accordingly.


(Erick Ortega) #3

This is fantastic. Thank you Genell.