Remember ntsysadmin list?

(Brian Richards) #1

I’m a long-time Sunbelt Software forum member (well, when it still existed). Been following Stu and Alex since at least 2009. No-brainer coming here for HackBuster info! :slight_smile:

Brian Richards

PS. And yes - for the tee!

(Will Jeansonne) #2

Yep! Then it became W2KNews after Microsoft dropped the letters NT, so Stu renamed it accordingly.

BTW, I’ll never forget the cease and desist letter or slap on the wrist from MS for calling my blog So I simply changed the letter by one alphabet to IT and I never looked back. :slight_smile:

P.S. I still have the letter framed on my wall. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Kevin Lundy) #3

What, only since 2009? You are a mere NTSYSADMIN baby :laughing:

I still have messages from 2004 - which is when I switched my subscription to gmail. I know I was a member for several years even before that.

Many of us are still around on another list.

(Brian Richards) #4

I’m pretty sure I was a member prior to 2009, but that’s as far back as my email archive goes :frowning:

(Tammy Jutras) #5

I remember receiving both of those email newsletters. Eventually one was dedicated to workstations and one to server environments. I loved reading them every week. I especially liked the weekly Web URLs and I’m glad those were carried over to the CyberheistNews. Thanks for all the great communication.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #6

Now that would be something to post online & brag that you got the big M$ interested in your blog.
I’d say pics please.

(Will Jeansonne) #7

Not the type to share legal notices on the Web, but if you want to stop by sometime, I’d be happy to show it to you.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #8

Is that an invite to come & visit KnowBe4 's HQ? I 'll have to hold you to that invite one day when i can make it to the US again.

(Will Jeansonne) #9

Nah, it’s hanging on the wall in my home office along with my illustrious plaques from yesteryears. :wink:

(Edwin Eekelaers) #10

At least i can brag now that i know the guy behind ntsysadmin :kissing_smiling_eyes: My colleagues will be jealous

(Will Jeansonne) #11

No, no! NTsystadmin is Stu’s creation–not mine. I founded a blog (really a test blog) called NT MS made me lose the “N”, so I simply renamed it IT :slight_smile:

(Edwin Eekelaers) #12

Ah i must be due for a battery reconditioning then…