Roger Grimes Presents at RFA: 12 Ways to Hack MFA


(Howard) #1

Roger Grimes, KnowBe4 Data-Driven Defense Evangelist gave his presentation “12 Ways to Hack MFA” at RSA today. Sure it was a packed audience. He also turned the audience on to Kevin’s (Mitnick) KnowBe4’s Chief Hacking Officer’s video clip of a Man In the Middle Attack [MITM] which uses a phishing email and then grabs a Linkedin In session cookie. Once you have the session cookie you can use that to get into the victim’s account (before the session times out). We’ve posted this before in our blog but you’ve got to admit it’s pretty cool.

New Exploit Hacks LinkedIn 2-factor Authentication

Don’t forget to stop by the booth located at: Visit us at Booth #4624 and Booth #240

Here’s a link to the slide PDF overview. Thought MFA was unhackable. Think again.