Saying Hi To Everyone!


Hello, I’m new here, I’m an enthusiast for helping or just talking about cybersecurity.
I wish to be anonymous an keep my true identity safe, I’ve been cruising the net for latest VM with GUI,
I’ve infected my device with Adware and a heck lot more, so I’ve developed a habit of being wary.
All you can be allowed to know is that I’m interested in Security Training at this point in time and I’d love to talk to someone about Bitcoin services, because I’m starting a large open-source project that I’ll need funding from, I’ll tell you about it when the brainstorm part is done, I’m also into ID theft cases or phishing, I’d like some pointers to some awesome sources or a long and lengthy answer to my problems, or just stop by and overflow my notifications by sending me a simple hi.
see ya!- n30