SCAM OF THE WEEK: "The Boss Needs iTunes Gift Cards For Customers... NOW"

(Howard) #1

Another gift card scam using social engineering posted in today’s KnowBe4 blog by CEO, Stu Sjouwerman. Great true story! Feel sorry for the poor employee who ran all over town trying to help “her boss” get ITunes gift codes. To make matters worse, the money all went to a scammer to the ITune of $2,000.00 and was charged to her personal card!

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"If you ever wondered if those iTunes gift card phishes really work, see the below email exchange.

Yep, that overzealous employee actually drove around town from store to store picking up iTunes gift cards for the bad guys because there was a limit on the number of cards that could be bought at any one store at one time.

All told poor Emily bought TWENTY $100.00 iTunes gift cards for the bad guys. Still worse, she put them ON HER OWN PERSONAL CREDIT CARD!…-now

(Greg Francis) #3

We had an employee that was only stymied by the fact that she didn’t have a work credit card. She was a brand new employee and felt compelled to do what the CEO was asking for. She was also under a ton of workload at the time so was just trying to resolve it. It was a great educational opportunity for her.

(Howard) #4

The iTunes gift card scam is constantly morphing. Feel bad the new employee had to go through that. Makes SAT training all that more worthwhile and also spreading word to others about this kind of scam so that others aren’t hooked too. Unfortunately, the bad guys are getting very good at what they do in modified BEC scams. Of course, confirmation with a voice call to the “real” person authorizing payment is always best practice. Scammers know that applying urgency and pressure through social engineering particularly on a new employee who may not want to disappoint their boss or cause waves as they adapt to a new org is a successful tactic that preys on the inherent good nature of humans.

(Howard) #5