SecOps for NGO

(Lou Bolanis) #1

Hi All:

I’m Lou and work in Security Operations (SecOps) for a global NonProfit HQ’d in California.

I’m not currently a KB4 customer; however I have benefitted directly from the RansomWare survival guide that KB4 published and made available for free earlier this year. Being affiliated with a NGO offers unique challenges that anyone in the non-profit space can attest to…namely, we’re always under-staffed, over extended, and never seem to have enough time to do as good of a job as we’d like to. The main difference in my world is that the stakes are higher due to our mission; this causes me to live in a constant state of being “all-in” (different from most 9-to-5 “corp” jobs…I actually really believe in the work my company does and struggle to keep doing more with less).

Are there any other non-profit folks in the house?

(Edwin Eekelaers) #2

Hi Lou, you forgot one NGO aspect. Budget. There’s no budget likte no-budget.
Working part time for an NGO too.

Wen i need something i have to act likte the cat.

Blow psu?? Find something cheap that works. Keeping a 9 yr old file server alive is demanding on yr creativity

(Brad) #3

9 Year old file server… try using a 12 year old Cisco ASA as your primary gateway and VPN appliance… security? What’s that? (Replaced with new Fortinets due to my continuous warnings!)

(Edwin Eekelaers) #4

My management just threw away a Cisco & an Alcatel switch that are still worth 3000 US$ on Ebay and i wasn’t allowed to sell it. Mega hmph

(Brad) #5

Yeah… better off trying to utilize a ‘trade in’ program.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #6

They used a trash compactor to get rid of the 100% working switches… Mega meh

(Brad) #7

What a waste… unfortunate. Dang hardware vendors are even going to ‘subscription based’ everything these days. BRUTAL!

(Edwin Eekelaers) #8

That’s something i can confirm personally. My privvy laptop’s a 10 yr old Dell Lattitude D630 running Windows 10 and it still runs circles around HP Elitebook 850’s

(Brad) #9

I’ve got an Elitebook 820; with a nice Samsung SSD… I’m doubting anything 10 yrs old can boot or have all my office apps ans browser accessible as quickly.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #10

SSD’s do wonders. I’m waiting for my SSD to arive