[Shocker] Could Wi-Fi Enabled IOT Home Appliances Devices Bring Down The Electric Grid? It's Possible!


(Howard) #1

If some nasty entity decides to create a Mirai like Appliance Botnet it could cripple the power grid. In a presentation at USENIX Security Symposium, Saleh Soltan his coresearchers Prateek Mittal, and H. Vincent Poor proposed a model based on power grid usage that leverages connected appliances and appears to show that it’s quite possible to cripple or severely damage the power grid. Large appliances like refrigerators, ovens, (probably not your beloved Instant Pot air conditioners, and heating systems can draw quite a bit of power. By manipulating their power consumption they found this would cause serious problems in the grid. Sean Gallagher Gallagher from Ars Technica has the story.