Social Engineering and Breaking into Stuff with Jenny Radcliffe -8th Layer Insights Host Perry Carpenter

On this episode, "Perry (Knowbe4 Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer) sits down with Jenny Radcliffe (a.k.a. The People Hacker). Jenny is a well-known speaker, podcaster, professional social engineer, and physical penetration tester… in other words, she’s a social engineer who specializes not only in tricking people into doing things they shouldn’t do… but she also specializes getting into places she shouldn’t be and finding things she shouldn’t be able to find. Her job is to embody the criminal mindset and use the skills of a criminal to find the vulnerabilities that a criminal would find.

In this interview, Jenny talks shop about her path to becoming a full time social engineer, the realities of penetration testing, inherent vulnerabilities in buildings and humans, and how to continuously improve at anything."


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