Social Security Fraud Social Engineering Robocalls Intensity increasing Lately

I rarely answer my phone unless I’m expecting an important call and then I choose to let it go to voicemail. However, in one week period, I made an exception twice and all were social security scams.

These call have variations. Usually they tell you there is a problem with your social security account and they are going to disable it unless you. push #1 to talk with an agent. When I spoke the the scammer he actually had my phone number and address which they verbally gave me. Not surprising, since millions of phone numbers and addresses are freely available from data breeches or sold on hacker forums. Because of the "fake agent’s accent, I suspect the caller is likely based in a call center in India or Pakistan but it used a local number which is easily done with a VOIP line. This was pretty obvious one but some people will inevitably fall for it. The BBB is constantly warning about this one.

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