Tech forces uniting to reduce/stop robocalls


Aside from being a nuisance, robocalls can be a threat to personal or business security. In an effort to circumvent the “No call lists,” many robocalls originate outside the U.S. and then spoof numbers that make it seem like the calls are coming from the U.S. These calls can be used to launch phishing expeditions or even facilitate socially engineered intrusions into a users system. This article discusses some of the things the FCC, phone providers, and Congress are doing in the attempts to reduce/eliminate this problem.

With pesky robocalls on the rise, tech forces amass to stop them

(Frank Bocherer) #2

I’ve noticed an uptick in the number of robocalls in the last few weeks. I’m getting from 2 to 4 calls per day now. Is there a good way to fight these besides what this new collaboration between about 33 tech companies and the FCC are about to do? I know there is a monetary penalty (possibly between $500 and $1500 per call) for making these calls. The trick is to get the actual info of the company instigating these calls. I feigned interest to get the number of the company doing the advertising. If a lot of people can get this info and if there is an easy way to sue/collect from these companies, maybe that can put a dent in the problem.

(Stu Sjouwerman) #3

Funny, I have noticed the same thing – a clearly noticeable uptick – in spam calls recently. Thanks for the link! Stu