Tech Support Scammers are Upping their Game with Call Optimization


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Symantec reports that tech support scammers are adding call optimization and tracking browsers versions and adding more efficient business practices into their scam. As social engineering techniques get more sophisticated, adding more efficient technologies to help them scale and pull off more customized scams. Tech Support scams remain a big business.

Tech Support Scam Integrates Call Optimization Service

Scammers are using service to dynamically insert phone numbers into scam pages.

Symantec has observed tech support scammers using a popular call optimization service, allowing them to dynamically insert phone numbers into their scam web pages and potentially giving them additional features to make their scams more successful.

Tech Support scammers continue to adapt their methods to ensure long-term success. We previously outlined how tech support scams have evolved by leveraging “living off the land” tactics to avoid detection. They have also used various other methods to evade detection, from simple JavaScript obfuscation to more advanced encryption algorithms such as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

In this blog, however, we look at how scammers are now making use of legitimate call optimization services in order to make their scams more efficient.