[Tech Talk] Alexa leaks data again and sends 100 mb zip file to wrong user in EU!

(Howard) #1

Alexa leaks data again.
I’ve read statistics saying that around 16 percent of Americans own a smart speaker and that around 20 million speakers are Alexa speakers. So two incidents of data leakage might seem a trivial number. But is this just the tip of the iceberg of other incidents yet to come? The lastest incident sent one user somebody’s recordings to another user located in the EU who promptly reported it.

“An EU citizen, exercising his GDPR rights, asked Amazon for information on all his personal information held by the firm. What he received, two months later, was a link to a 100Mb zip file containing 1,700 Alexa audio files. He doesn’t own an Amazon Echo device and has never used the Alexa service, and it was not his voice that was recorded.”…
Are you hesitant about owning an Alexa device?

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