Tech Talk: Personal Manufacturing and Drones

(Doug) #1

In the past few years, we have seen the production of user-based manufacturing tools, and tools that give the average citizen new and potentially dangerous capabilities.

Two prime examples being 3D printing and drone technology.

With 3D printing, an unskilled person can now manufacture goods with a total overhead of about 300 dollars.
There is also the potential for the proliferation of firearms and tools of destruction.

Drone Technology is becoming increasingly popular and as drones become cheaper the boundaries of what can be done legally and morally, of course, are being pushed in the areas of surveillance and security.

With any innovation, there will be creativity that springs forth from every direction. It will be interesting to see how we globally react to these new technologies being in the hands of the common citizen.

(Howard) #2

I just read the other day that a drone operator was just cited for a DUI. So we’re starting to see regulations being imposed and probably drawn up reactively to contend with problematic issues to public safety which violates existing laws on the books. Some may have to be redrafted specifically to new tech if there are no existing laws to cover them.