Tech Talk: RIP net neutrality - Ajit Pai's '**** you' to the American people becomes

(Themeli Pikos) #1

The thing we have feared over the past several years has happened: Net Neutrality is dead. Disclaimer: I’m very opinionated on this subject as I’ve done my research and I have a good grasp of how this is going to affect us, and so should you. Do not call this anything less than it is. The result of this battle, between is FCC and the citizens of this country, is government corruption in its purest form.

Ajit Pai’s shady past actions are the biggest cause of outrage. His loyalty doesn’t belong to the people he’s supposed to be serving, by instead the wallets of the big telecommunications corporations. The rules limiting the abuses of those corporations are now gone and all he’s repeating is that we need to report them, but for breaking what rules now? Pai is under investigation for corruption yet they still allowed for things to be put forward.

What are your thoughts on this?

(Howard) #2

Thanks for posting this Pikos, California’s Net neutrality bill went down in flames yesterday as said: “AT&T leaned heavily on California lawmakers, using procedural trickery and misleading studies to severely weaken and ultimately kill a once-promising state net neutrality law.”

Of course, a few days before AT&T had obtained clearance from the Justice Dept to move ahead with its acquisition of TimeWarner in a huge content deal. Today I got a mailing from AT&T (I’m a wireless customer) announcing they were the new owners and teasing what potential offers and new content they were going to be able to provide me including HBO which they now own.

Here’s the email.
[Hello, _
_ WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner) has joined our family! The AT&T companies share your information with each other. With our merger, WarnerMedia is now included.

This will mean great deals, relevant offers and new ways for you to enjoy premium content from Turner, HBO and Warner Bros. Your privacy comes first, as always. Please read more at

Thanks for choosing us,

The big ISP say that the business of selling data is a bad business model. Comcast’s CEO Brain Malone has been saying they can’t make money anymore with their business now that Cord cutting is getting popular (they’ve been buying all kinds of content including sports for years. By the way, Comcast which owns the largest chunk of Hulu along with some other cable companies tried to acquire 21st Century Fox. Disney just beat them out with a higher bid 3 days ago.

So they’ve all set their sights on owning as much content as possible. Verizon bought AOL, Yahoo! which both have internet media outlets ie: Huffington post, Engadget, Oh, forgot according to Wikipedia, "Verizon and Comcast have been actively lobbying for current changes in the FCC’s regulations that require internet service providers to offer all content at one internet speed regardless of the type of content since the early 2000s. In 2014, Verizon unsuccessfully sued the FCC for these powers.[146] Verizon has admitted to throttling content of its competitors.[147]

Will this benefit consumers? I am a huge skeptic. We have 4 major wireless providers Verizon, AT&T, TMobile, and Sprint. Sprint is trying to get acquired by T-Mobile. I wonder how this will affect them and what will trickle down.

Speaking of Ajit, I’m wondering when they are going to send the thousands of fake comments against Net Neutrality sent by bots or trolls to FCC that they won’t produce to Congress? Will states pick up this fight again?