Tech Talk: VR and Gaming

(Megan) #1

Virtual Reality. Over the past couple of years, I have had mixed feelings about it. I am a gamer and I wasn’t sure what they were trying to do with VR and gaming. I tried the Oculus Rift last year at my sister’s house and I was intrigued. I played the demo and I enjoyed the weird experiences it brought. The T-Rex and the skyscraper part were fun, the T-Rex scared me a bit and the skyscraper was thrilling. I also had a chance to play the Star Wars Nissan demo when I attended the Star Wars Celebration last year. That was really cool and awe inspiring.

I have been thinking about getting VR for gaming, but after reading about the HaptX glove… now that’s exciting. One of the games I really enjoyed when I played the Oculus Rift last year was the rock-climbing game, but I remember thinking at that time that this would be so way more exciting if I could feel the rocks while climbing. Or when my hand slipped while climbing, that would be so cool.

The HaptX glove or other gloves that are out there also lend a training type of game simulation. Like to train new surgeons (I don’t think anyone wants to volunteer for that), or rescue jobs where it is dangerous to rescue someone but could be done with some training. Like training Fire Fighters when the time comes that they have to go into their first real burning building… that’s a lot to go through for a person, building on fire, flames everywhere, instinct is to run away from it. But if they had that VR training with a burning building and had on the HaptX gloves and some tactile type shoes, I think they would feel less worried when they go into the actual burning building.

So, you can use it for fun or to learn a new skill or to just fell less threatened by stuff. I am not sure if I would dismiss VR just yet. It may be something that is taking quite some time to develop and once it does it will be so cool!

Data on glove:

(Howard) #2


I agree Megan. Although I’m not a heavy gamer, I tried the Rift and also thought the demos including T-Rex were pretty awesome and gave you a feel for how realistic the experience can be. Haptics inevitably will be augmented by advanced sensor technologies or who knows maybe brain hacking in the future. It’s definitely going to play a big role in VR/AR. I can imagine sensor technology that stimulates areas of your brain beyond sight and audio perhaps even stimulating all of the senses: taste, color, and smell. In the meantime the more sensory input the more realism! Brain stimulation could well be limited to medical devices in the near future. I find goggles confining if you wear for long periods although they do add to the experience by filtering out peripheral noise. AR glasses are more comfortable and I believe they are working on AR/VR contact lens technology. Perhaps Holographic tech will replace goggles.