TechTalk: Happening Now - Drones Shut Down UK Gatwick Airport

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Drones Shut Down Gatwick Airport
It’s finally happened. Drones have shut down Gatwicks runways since Wednesday night as they repeatedly buzz the airfield using “industrial specification drones” according to UK’s Sussex police as reported by the BBC. The police did not want to use guns to shoot them down for fear of a stray bullet harming someone so passengers are stuck until the drone operators can be located and the drone controls disabled by police. The potential for drones to interfere with critical infrastructures particluarly air traffic has been discussed for years. I would bet that this incident will force the implementation of devices that can safely disable drones. This would be a perfect application for a laser weapon. However, I’m wondering why jamming can’t be used if air traffic is temporarily grounded. Anyone know if jamming the control signal would work as a pratical solution?


  1. Tens of thousands of passengers affected after drone sightings trigger disruption at Gatwick Airport
  2. Gatwick’s runway remains closed after two of the devices were seen nearby
  3. Flights are unable to take off or land
  4. An airline source has told the BBC that flights are currently cancelled until at least 19:00 GMT
  5. About 110,000 passengers on 760 flights were due to use the airport on Thursday
  6. Gatwick Airport said police did not want to shoot the drones down because of the risk from stray bullets
  7. Sussex Police: ‘Nothing to suggest that this is terrorism-related’
  8. Passengers due to travel have been told to check the status of their flight
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