The Inside Man World Premiere Sneak Preview Trailer Available Today!

World Premiere Sneak Preview starts today!

Hackbusters Forum loves to follow Mr. Robot and now we’ve got our own **network-quality video series that delivers an entertaining movie-like experience for your users

We’re excited to announce the world premiere of an innovative new security awareness video series for our customers called ‘The Inside Man’.

In KnowBe4’s new 12-episode video series, a compelling story, an incredible cast, and very high production values combine to create the coolest series ever streamed.

The Inside Man is KnowBe4’s first custom network-quality video series that delivers an entertaining movie-like experience for your users and makes learning how to make smarter security decisions fun and engaging. From social engineering and passwords to social media and travel, The Inside Man reveals how easy it can be for an outsider to penetrate your organization’s security controls and network. The new series is available in the KnowBe4 ModStore for all customers with a Diamond level subscription. For more info, read the press release here.

A different security issue is addressed in each of The Inside Man episodes and include:

  • Episode 1: The New Guy --> Issue: Social Engineering
  • Episode 2: Social Hour --> Issue: Social Media
  • Episode 3: On Our Side --> Issue: Phishing Attacks
  • Episode 4: Surprise --> Issue: Document Disposal
  • Episode 5: Takeaways --> Issue: Clear Desktop Policy
  • Episode 6: Masquerade --> Issue: Cloud Services
  • Episode 7: Buying Time --> Issue: Passwords
  • Episode 8: Taken --> Issue: Ransomware
  • Episode 9: Where The Wild Things Are --> Issue: Travel
  • Episode 10: Keep Your Friends Close --> Issue: App Security and Permissions
  • Episode 11: The Sound Of Trumpets --> Issue: External Devices
  • Episode 12: Checkmate --> Issue: Insider Threats

Meet Mark… the star of the series who is working at his new job as an IT security analyst, but no one suspects that he’s already inside the company’s most secure systems or that sinister forces are pulling his strings.

Will Mark complete his mission to bring down the company? Or will these new friendships with co-workers bring him out of the dark web and into the light?

See the World Premiere “sneak preview” here:

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