The Latest and Not So Greatest Phishing Email

(Warren White M.S. Cybersecurity) #1

Google is hacking us! Not really, but there is a real threat for Gmail users that was recently released. It is a Phishing email that asks you to join Google Doc and it comes from someone you know. Don’t click it. If you do, take me out of your contacts list. Just kidding, but not really… It works by spreading spam (not ham in a can) to anyone you ever emailed.

How it works: You get an intriguing email to share a Google doc with a friend, open it up, click on the link within the email, “log in” to your Google account, and it then asks you to allow Google Docs to access your account. It can even get past 2-factor authentication.

Google reports that they have caught the scam, but be aware it could be lurking around in your email. Keep a look out for anything that looks suspicious, verify the source of the email by directly contacting the “sender.” If they don’t know what you’re talking about, delete it. I put the link below to reference the article. It is safe to click but that doesn’t mean everything is… Watch out my fellow online surfers, there are countless virtual sharks looking to phish you. #seareferencesarefun

(Lauren Ashley) #2

Online surfers, virtual sharks! Hah! love it.

(Warren White M.S. Cybersecurity) #3

I am happy you got the reference haha.

What’s another name for a hacker that uses phishing to trick email recipients? A prawn-artist.

Totally took that joke from but felt it appropriate.