The ole Nigerian Prince Scam Returns with a Twist. Money from Saddam Hussein

Got through spam filters. Apparently this is real and Saddam was very fond of me or much more likely you would be validating your email address and telling the scammer he’s got a good email address for the next round of a social engineering scam .

From: John Brady,
Sent: Wednesday, July 8, 2020 3:20 PM

BOA New York Head Office of (Paying Bank) Tower at One Bryant Park is a 1,200 ft

(366 m) skyscraper in the Midtown district of Manhattan in New York City, in the United States.

Attention: Customer Your Fund Transfer $2.8MILLION,

We are hereby officially notify you concerning your fund telegraphic,Transfer through our bank, Bank of America, New York, to your bank account, which has been officially approved by the management of World Bank Swiss (WBS) to credit the sum of US$$2.8MILLION, into your bank account.

This fund was part of the lodged Late President Saddam Hussein of Iraq discovery fund with World Bank of Switzerland,which the Swiss Bank has decided to distribute it generously to help few lucky individuals and the American Government is in agreement with the Swiss Bank to distribute the fund to 700 hundred thousand people in America, Europe ,Asia & Africa in other to help improve their businesses.

These are the information we needed to be reconfirmed by you.and you are advise to reply here ( [info.******* soon as you get this message for the immediately process to transfer the money into your bank account once the information is provide by you,

1.Your full name

2.Your Direct telephone

3.Your address

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Peter John Brady,

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