Three Healthcare Security Experts Dissect Grey's Anatomy Ransomware Episodes


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I am a big Grey’s Anatomy fan. Did you catch Grey’s Anatomy Ransomware episodes? Last year’s season finale ended with the hospital trying to treat patients in the midst of a Ransomware attack that almost shut down the hospital. The hackers even turned up the heat! After a two month break, the season episode returned with the continuing saga of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Ransomware attack. SC Network Security News had a panel of three healthcare security experts dissect the attacks to see how close to reality they roamed. Here are the two links in sequence In this article. We will continue to recap and following the best TV and Movies hacks on Hackbusters.

Season Finale
November 30, 2017
A postmortem of the Grey’s Anatomy ransomware episode: Accurate or Hollywood hyperbole?

January 31, 2018
Security experts play script doctor, as Grey’s Anatomy resolves hospital hacker plot