Training Video Feedback

(Dave Rand) #21

I agree completely – shorter videos, please! I’m very much looking forward to these.

(Stu Sjouwerman) #22

OK, great. The first 5 scripts are done, and we expect them to take a month or so.


The trend to corporate education in general is moving towards chunked learning. With an attention span that averages 8 secs, it is surprising that 20 min plus videos are still being used. I am not familiar with Knowbe4’s training program. However we have had success with modular on-line instruction that includes 3 min videos, text and images. Because of time we are using a third party product instead of developing inhouse. Ideally we will move to more interactive pieces with elements of gamification. Right now, I admit our content is too text based and could be a lot more engaging. I am working towards fixing that by creating animations using PowToon to deliver key messages to change targeted behaviours. Simple messages that are reinforced by other materials targeting a specific behavior seem to be more effective than trying to hit them with everything at once.

To ensure that things stay fresh and we keep the staff’s attention, we are changing the message and the behaviors that are targeted every month. Not sure if this is too frequent a change.

We are just embarking on this grand adventure. We have had the on-line training in place since June for a small portion of our staff, the big rollout with supporting materials starts this month and runs until December. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Anyone else taking this approach?

(Edwin Eekelaers) #24

Off course we do… :innocent:

(David O. Wilkins) #25

Stu, so glad you commented here. Can you comment on whether these videos will be available under the silver license, or would they need to be purchased in addition?

(Krista Moran) #26

I have received nothing but great feedback on the videos. We first completed a phishing test. Once that was complete sent an email with the results and assigned a training video. Within the first couple days I was receiving feedback that indicated how much people enjoyed the video and had comments like “I didn’t know that…”.

(Traci Lowe) #27

I really like the videos, but here the same complaints from other employees about being too long. More shorter ones would be better.

(Stu Sjouwerman) #28

David, the Silver license only has the three basic awareness videos: 15, 25 and 45 minutes. The new shorter ones will be added to the Gold level, which on average is only $2.50 more per user per year. Hope that helps. Warm regards, Stu

(Derek S.) #29

Our company just went through our first round of mandatory training, using the 45 minute “2016 Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training” course. Several of our end users have commented that they had learned a lot from the video, and now understand what could actually happen if they click on a real phishing link. We have also heard from some that the course was too long and they lost interest, so I agree that some short videos would be well worth it.

(Steve) #30

good link love the posters


I am going thru the video training as part of my company’s certification. The first module is very stop and go. I’d prefer that it play thru a little longer. I understand it may be a balance of confirming that the user is listening - but that would be better to catch in the testing.

I disagree with one of the answers in “Common Traps”. If your organization isn’t using spreadsheets, calling the person who sent it to see if it is “okay” is almost as bad as trusting Anti-Virus. That person could have forwarded it without looking, they could have created it. Having a company policy on macro-enabled documents and who can send them is better than trusting a person that may not be as security conscious as you.

(Mary Travis, M.A.) #32

We’re new to KnowBe4, too, and we started off with the 45 minute training, lots of positive feedback. Now I’m following up with a combination of single and doubling up some of the 2017’s version of 3-5 minute videos every other month to reinforce the training. Those that call or ask, I assure them there is no ‘test’, so just enjoy the reinforced training message. These are well received so far. All reinforce the message I have been training them on annually, but seems they hear the message better through this venue. :wink: Staff are also now calling about the automated phising attempts that are autogenerated, where before, who knows what they were doing with suspicious emails!!! I’m hoping having an outside agency do the training has helped all users to be better prepared, even though they are hearing the same message, just from a different source. I couldn’t be happier however they remember the security training.

(Steve) #33

new shorter video’s are great, they are received by the end user more readily