Translated Valentine's Day templates?

(Dave Rand) #1

Last year we sent a Valentine’s Day e-card phishing awareness email. We didn’t have any translated content, so we sent an English version to all of our employees (including in Germany, France, Italy, and Japan). As expected, only English speakers clicked the link.

I’m wondering if anyone has any Valentine’s Day e-card content that has been translated into those languages (bonus points for Finnish!) they’d be willing to share.



(Jessica) #2

Let me see what we can do by Monday!!

-Jessica S.
Managed Services/Community Manager :cherry_blossom:

(Dave Rand) #3

I created a pretty basic template and used existing text found around the internet to create translated versions. I just shared them with the community, though I’m not certain whether they will be very effective. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!