UK Consumer Protection Agency Warns That "Omicron Variant PCR Test Phishing Season Is Open

It only took a few days for the scammers to gear up for Omicron phishing emails. The phony emails appear to come from UK’s National Health Service (NHS) with phish bait offering a free Omicron PCR test to help you avoid restrictions. One email specimen shows the from address coming from contact-contact-nhs[AT]’. Red flags for those who step through awareness training include variants of the genuine domain for NHS and hyphenated email address which incorporates NHS into the from address to give it some authenticity.


“Wasting no time at all, scammers are already sending fake emails about the new Omicron variant of Covid, to steal personal data and bank details.”

As well as falsely claiming that the new Covid variant (Omicron) requires new test kits, the email invites readers to visit the site shown in the above image. But clicking the link takes you to the true web address – ‘’ – which is a copycat of the NHS website set up just days ago:


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