Unable to tag a post with a category

(Kate Wakefield) #1

Perhaps it is user error, but when I start a New Topic, the only two categories available are “Uncategorized” and “Site Feedback”. However it looks like there are or should be categories for Ransomware, Security Awareness, etc.

I’d expect to see a New Post button inside the topical categories as well. Otherwise it appears to be one long thread. KW

(Dan Roberts) #2

I find it somewhat ironic that your post ended up being one of the only two categories available. haha.

To answer your actual question, it doesn’t look like they’ve added any category other than Uncategorized. They’re likely waiting to see what discussions start so they can then be categorized.

(Will Jeansonne) #3

Hi Kate,

Thanks for joining HackBusters! Yes, the Discourse forum app is a bit unorthodox from your typical BBS. To post under any of the main categories, please click on the header or title and the hit reply.

Hope this helps!


(Will Jeansonne) #4

Hey Dan,

Thanks for joining HackBusters! The problem is fixed. The BBS system we use is a bit unorthodox, but I went ahead an hard coded categories, since it was confusing everyone as to how to post. :wink: