Unread counters

(Edwin Eekelaers) #1

Is it me or are the unread post/reply counters not updating properly?
There seems to be a discrepancy between the Unread indicator under the banner and
the one on the right of the different sections…
I know i’ve read all the replies in that topic about coming to the community and it still keeps telling me there’s an unread message even though the bottom link says there are no more unread messages.

Edit: screenshot added

(Will Jeansonne) #2


The difference between the two different counts are as follows:

The Unread posts listed under the banner (as pictured above) pertains to the number of unread posts that you are watching or tracking directly as a result of your activity or posts.

Alternatively, the number of unread posts listed in the topic summaries in light orange), are all of the posts in topics that you either previously viewed and/or participated in discussions with, but have not viewed yet.

Hopes this helps!

Will Jeansonne
Community Manager

(Edwin Eekelaers) #3

Thanks Will as we are all new to this community there’s soo much we have to learn about it.