Weekly Challenge! Custom Phishing Template 7/10/2017

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Hello Hackbusters Community! I’m going to be starting a weekly challenge… starting right now. This week’s topic is: MOST EFFECTIVE PHISHING SECURITY TEST TEMPLATES. Either submit a template you created that you’ve had great success with or create one just for this challenge. Let’s get creative and really test our users!

How to enter:
Make one custom email template (refer to references below).
Take a screenshot and post it as an image right here in this thread.
Also, submit the template to the KnowBe4 Template team:
After you save your template, click the arrow to the right of that template to share your template to KB4.

Vote on your favorite template in this post by clicking the “Like :heart:” button. Votes will be counted on Thursday, July 13th at 5:30 PM EDT.

Customizing Emails & Landing Pages: https://knowbe4.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204240768-Customizing-Emails-Landing-Pages

Video: Customization Of Phishing Templates, Landing Pages, And Training Notifications:

Live Webinar - every Wednesday at 1:30 PM Eastern - Customizing Phishing Templates, Landing Pages, & Training Notifications. Sign up at this link:

Later this week at Hackbusters:
Tuesday: Ask us all about templates – This will be an active discussion throughout the day.
Wednesday: Ransomware – Tech Talk.
Thursday: Best practices from the KnowBe4 experts.
Friday: Weekly Challenge Winner will be announced and new post on Template features.

The winning template will be published for all KnowBe4 Customers under the “System Templates” section.
The winner will also receive a Hackbusters T-Shirt or Baseball Shirt – your choice!

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(Rick Leib, CISSP) #2

Define “Effective” in your terms for this posting.

Effective can be seducing the user or can be defined as the user discovered the ruse… I prefer to see what I can get through, however this is open to interpretation.

(Jessica) #3

Hi Rick, thank you for this question. I think the goal here would be to have your users fall for the template (I’m erring on the side of a more difficult template, but you’re right that this is open to interpretation).

(Rick Leib, CISSP) #4

Thank you for the clarification. This was my assumption, but had to ask the dumb question here.

(Jessica) #5

No worries whatsoever!

(Lisa) #8

I’m not sure this template would be beneficial for anyone else because it is very specific for our company, but this is one I created based off information on our company website. The conference is real, and the visible link is too but hovering over it showed the wrong link. Unfortunately, users did not hover.

I had a 60% click rate on this. I have created several spear phishing based off information we post on social media. Unfortunately, those also cause a lot of push back. Does anyone else have that issue?

(Joel Schwartz) #9

I really like Gozer’s quarantine email. How do I get a copy of it to use in KnowBe4 before KnowBe4 releases it for everyone?

(Melissa Blades) #11

Our amazing template team has added Gozer’s template to the Community Template section, under the category IT. The title of the template is “Office 365: Spam Notification”. Note that we replaced the date with a day of the week so it is more flexible - you can always create a custom version for yourself with a recent date/time stamp. Happy Phishing!

~Melissa B
Sales Engineer Manager

(Jessica) #12

Hi Gozer and @js0873 !!

You can go ahead and paste the source code into a comment or PM, highlight the entire code and select the “Preformatted Text < / >” icon from the toolbar. This will show your code exactly as you want to share it :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your great template.

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