WEEKLY CHALLENGE! Faux Attachments

(Jessica) #1

Hello Hackbusters Community!

I started using a simple trick to test end users in phishing emails.

First I send myself an email with attachment(s) I want to spoof. I take a screen shot of the attachment(s) and create a new template with clickable images that look like those attachments. This is an obvious RED FLAG and the end user should catch on, but they continuously fall for it.

This week I’ve decided to gift a customized template to everyone who enters! :gift: A major benefit of using fake attachments is directing the user to a landing page of your choosing since these are now phishing “links”.

For your own custom template, please privately message me a screenshot of an email with attachments! NOTE: I suggest making fake attachment names and emailing these to yourself for anonymity and possible publication

How to enter:
Submit a screenshot of an attachment you would like to have in an email template.

Here is an example for Gmail:

A winner will be chosen at 5:30 PM EDT on Friday, September 1st.

Customizing Emails & Landing Pages: https://knowbe4.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204240768-Customizing-Emails-Landing-Pages

Video: Customization Of Phishing Templates, Landing Pages, And Training Notifications:

Live Webinar - every Wednesday at 1:30 PM Eastern - Customizing Phishing Templates, Landing Pages, & Training Notifications. Sign up at this link:

Later this week at Hackbusters:
Tuesday: Ask us all about templates – This will be an active discussion throughout the day.
Wednesday: Ransomware – Tech Talk.
Thursday: Best practices from the KnowBe4 experts.
Friday: Weekly Challenge Winner will be announced and new post on Template features.

The winner will receive a Hackbusters T-Shirt

Jessica S. Managed Services/Community Manager :woman_technologist:t3: