Weekly Challenge! Phishing Test "Clickers" 7/17/2017

(Jessica) #1

Hello Hackbusters Community! Time for the second challenge… This week’s topic is: PHISHING TEST “CLICKERS”. Every time you run a Phishing Security Test, you have the ability to add any user who falls for the test to a group of your choosing. Failing the test could include clicking on a link, opening an attachment, enabling a macro, replying to the email, entering sensitive information on a landing page, or allowing Java to run. So I would love to know what you call this group of users and how you follow up with them.

How to enter:
Please include the following in your post:

  1. What you call your “Clickers” group
  2. One tip on how you improve those users’ awareness or a follow-up action you take with them.

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How Do I Handle My “Clickers” Or Vulnerable Employees? https://knowbe4.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/226938287-How-Do-I-Handle-My-Clickers-Or-Vulnerable-Employees-

Video: Remedial Training Campaigns:

Live Webinar - every Monday at 1:30 PM Eastern - Advanced Phishing & Training. Sign up at this link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/824983748725718019

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Jessica S. Managed Services/Community Manager :upside_down_face:

(Jessy) #2

I have two Clickers groups. The first is a group called “Clickers” this group automatically gets enrolled into a secondary Phishing campaign. Clickers of the Secondary phishing campaign get placed into a group called “Clickers (Remedial)” and are enrolled into a remedial training session with the 15 min Security Awareness video. After training is completed they are removed from the Clickers(Remedial) group, but remain in the original clickers group and continue on in the secondary phishing campaign…