Westworld Season 2 Returns. Hulu Offers HBO Discount $USD4.99 for 6 months. Review, Trailer and Spoiler Alert!


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WestWorld is back. Love the show. I know we have at least a few Westword fans here in HackBusters Forum. This discount lasts for six months and then returns to $14.99. Not a bad deal if your a streamer who likes HBO programming. Probably not a coincidence that Westworld Season 2 launches. Shogun World a Japanese spinoff with what I read will include some or all Japanese subtitles. As a Hulu subscriber, you get 6 months for $4.99 a month before it reverts to 14.99 months. Not a bad way to test out Shogun World.

Spoiler Alert: Westworld season 2: our spoiler-free review

Official WestWorld Season 2 Trailer HBO

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The Verge interviewed WestWorld creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan today. You can read the article at the link below but Nolan had some scathing things to say about AI. ““We’re headed into the gap in which we’ve allowed algorithmic intelligence to drive more and more of our experiences and our lives,” Nolan continued. “The data is starting to take control. But the data has no f****** conscience … We talk a lot about artificial intelligence but we don’t talk a lot about artificial morality or artificial sanity, which I think is actually something we should be a little more concerned about … We shouldn’t be scared of artificial intelligence; we should be scared of artificial stupidity”
Westworld creator on the future of AI: ‘We’ll be lucky if the future looks like Westworld’
‘We shouldn’t be scared of artificial intelligence; we should be scared of artificial stupidity’