What's New? October Updates and additions


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Security Awareness Training Platform (KMSAT) Change Log

Release Date Description
October 2018 * New items were added to the ModStore:
  • KnowBe4

    • 1 training module
  • exploqii

    • 1 video module
  • Security Awareness Company

    • 3 new posters
    • 1 newsletter
  • Popcorn

    • 10 newsletters
  • A new version of the PAB was released for Office 365 and the Outlook Mobile app.

  • An option to modify the session timeout for admins and users was added to your Account Settings. If inactive for the specified period of time, the admin or user will be logged out of their account automatically. MSPs/Resellers also have an admin session timeout available.

  • Advanced Reporting and Virtual Risk Officer (VRO) was released for US and EU accounts.

    • Advanced Reporting simplifies and expands your ability to create reports about your security awareness training plan progress, while our Virtual Risk Officer (VRO) feature calculates a risk score for users, groups, and your organization as a whole, helping you detect and strengthen the weakest points in your human firewall.
  • A new version of Second Chance was released which addresses several bugs.

https://support.knowbe4.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009454228-Security-Awareness-Training-Platform-KMSAT-Change-Log_emphasized text_

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