Zepto ransomware

(Edwin Eekelaers) #1

Just got a call from one of my users who’s been blessed with the Zepto stuff at home. Is there a decent way to recover its data and get rid of the ransomware or will it be better that he wipes the machine & does a clean install? User’s IT skills are severely limited…

(AJ) #2

Unfortunately, the better option is to wipe the machine and do a clean install. We’ve seen a number of issues of this at work (from customers, mind), and as Zepto is a newer Ransomware, the decryption hasn’t been discovered yet. Because of this, it would take a lot of resources (and IT skills) to recover the data, decrypt it, and say “ransomware, begone!”. The alternative is to pay the ransom and hope the ransomers provide the decryption keys.

I hope this info helps!

(Edwin Eekelaers) #3

That’s exactly what i told the user but you know how users think & act. This one wants his data back because even his backup disk was infected & encrypted. I doubt there will be shadow copies available.

(John) #4

More than likely there will not be any shadow copies. I believe nearly all, if not all, wipe the shadow copies.

(Joe) #5

wipe it as clean as a babys butt

(kaysu A.) #6

ask about "The one eye TM on the deep web ,
they provide many hidden vip services one of them is to decryp all file from ransomwar / will take one week but the cost is pretty hight …
i advice you to use it only if the ransomware want +10000$ /
decryption price i think it’s 5000$ or more / i didn’t see the website since 2015 . i tryed one of their services and all done good and very professional …

(Edwin Eekelaers) #7

I don’t know and i may be wrong but if the “One Eye On The Web” is behind things like encrypting my files then they will get the one big fist in the eye when i do find them. Last time a hacking punk had fun with our fan-based website about a game it lasted 30 minutes before they nearly p**ped their pants as i told the punk that i knew the street & housenr where he lived and his real name. Then i had a good chuckle, changed all that had to be changed and went for a drink

(Joe) #8

Love it when you can fight back